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What can an outsourcing company do for you? That is the key question when considering whether or not to take the plunge. IT outsourcing companies can help you deal with IT, customer service, and human resources, and it can even get you a personal assistant thanks to the growing market for virtual assistants. It is clear, therefore, that outsourcing is a useful resource for your business. It allows you to streamline your process and focus exclusively on your core competencies. But on the other hand, where do you find an outsourcing vendor? To solve this dilemma we have a helpful list.

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The UK is now the second-largest outsourcing market in the entire world, according to Adam Leach. What does that mean? Well, primarily it means opportunity. For people in the UK looking to outsource, the market has never been better. And because of that, plenty of opportunities and outsourcing companies in Canada and USA have sprung up to fill demand. That is good news for you! You’ll know that you’re getting the best service possible because there will be outsourcing companies UK fighting to give it to you.

All Top UK Outsourcing Companies

These nine high-ranking outsourcing firms are excellent choices if you want work done in the U.K. All of them have headquarters or operations in the United Kingdom and provide top-drawer service.

  • G4S: Have you considered the need for security in your company? Though it’s not one of the most commonly-considered outsourcing industries, G4S has been providing excellent security services for twelve years. It’s the world’s largest security company and has operations in 125 countries.
  • Serco: Serco operates call centers, but that’s not all it does. It also works in the sectors of public and private transport, military weapons, aviation, detention centers, prisons, and schools. It has a reputation as a large and powerful company that can help grow your business.
  • Atos: Though French in origin and headquartered in Germany, Atos has many operations in the UK. They provide managed systems integration, communications, cybersecurity, and data management. They were founded in 1988 and have since grown to operate worldwide.
  • Capita: Capita, founded in 1984, is known for its business process outsourcing. It has operations in Europe, Africa, and Asia. This three-continent-spanning business gives them flexibility and an excellent global outlook.
  • Computacenter: Computacenter operates across eight countries in North America and Europe. It also has a partner network covering 120 countries. Its illustrious client list includes British Telephones and Marks & Spencer. Since its inception in 1981, it’s focused on its main strength: computer services.
  • SCC: Europe’s largest independent IT services business, SCC operates from 75 locations in four countries. It’s been around since 1975 and has operations all across Europe. In addition to traditional IT, they provide data center and cloud services applications as well. Sectors of operation include technology, hotels, airports and aviation, and financial services.
  • Vodafone: Vodafone’s Global Enterprise division serves 150 countries with twenty-five years of telecommunications and IT experience. It operates in 26 separate countries and its partner networks encompass a further 50.
  • Civica: Operating eleven locations in four countries across three continents, Civica provides specialist expertise in a variety of IT development services and, additionally, in business management and process improvement. It operates across many different sectors from social housing to education.
  • Vertex: Vertex offers a diverse array of BPO services. Customer management, finance and accounting, debt management, and software are only some of the available ones. They have been in operation since 1994, providing call center service in these many industries to numerous clients.

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Offshore Business UK

Taking your business offshore conveys many benefits. You now know some of the best firms out of the many outsourcing companies UK, so you’re prepared to go and find one. Don’t be afraid to use this list only as a starting point – there are many other great companies out there too. Go out and find the one that makes your business great.

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