Software Testing Ukraine: Where to Find QA Tester?

software testing ukraine

It is hard to look for software testing in Ukraine because there are many choices that can easily overwhelm you. In that case, you should find the best places UK software outsourcing where to find these testers and the following might be what you need.

Where to Look for QA Testers in Ukraine

If you are looking for software testing outsourcing in Ukraine, what you need to do is to check online and shortlist top companies. Other places to refer to including LinkedIn, UpWork and eLance websites.

Average Salary for Technology in Ukraine vs. Europe vs. USA

  • In Ukraine, the average salary for software testing outsourcing developers is $39,694 each year.
  • In United States, the average salary for software tester is $55,308 each year.
  • In European countries, the average salary for software tester is €42,125 each year.

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Top 5 Cities for Technology in Ukraine

  • Odessa
  • Dnipro
  • Vinnytsia
  • Donestsk
  • Lviv

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Benefits of Hiring UA Developers

  • Cheaper: Ukraine developers offer cheaper rates than their counterparts in the US or Europe. In that case, you can always set your budget allotted for the task and maximize it better than spending on expensive similar services.
  • Updates: For startups, it is hard to begin because they have many things to do, but hiring the software testing Ukraine service can ensure updates given at specific times.
  • Better quality: Software development is not easy, but you can ensure a high quality project by hiring UA developers. Their team has proven procedures and standards for quality.

There are many choices on software testing Ukraine, but you need to make sure to weigh and compare your options according to budget and project type, among other things.

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