PHP Developer Ukraine Rates

Are PHP Developers and PHP Outsourcing in Demand?

According to Web Technology Surveys, PHP is used in over 78% of all websites. PHP is used for server-side scripting for the vast majority of websites out there. So if you have a website or need one, you may very well need to outsource PHP development to someone that fully understands this language.

While PHP has dropped behind languages such as Python with regards to popularity it is still a language that any website developer needs to know well. If nothing else purely because of the amount of it out there. Due to the popularity of the language and the amount of usage, demand for offshore PHP companies is very high indeed.

However, finding good PHP developer outsource staff is not always easy. PHP is one of those languages that many have basic skills within, but they may fail when it comes to more complex tasks. So always take care when selecting PHP developer outsourcing staff to ensure that they are capable of completing the tasks you will set them.

What Are the Pros and Cons of PHP Development?

While PHP may not now be a developer first choice with regards to the language it is still used on a large number of sites and as such upgrades and expansion may require the use of an outsource PHP programmer. PHP however still very much has its place and will often be the first choice for simpler websites. The following are some of the pros and cons of using PHP:

PHP Pros

  • Simple to use: it is almost too simple for any competent programmer to create and understand a basic webpage using PHP.
  • Large community: due to its popularity there are many places you can go to for everything from training to problem-solving.
  • Open-source libraries: there are many places where you can go to for pre-coded solutions to your issues.
  • Pluggable frameworks: recent improvements mean that you can port libraries between frameworks making things even easier.
  • Good automation tools: there are a host of tools that can be used for deployment and testing of PHP applications.
  • Improved debugging: Xdebug has provided users with enhanced debugging as well as the ability to do it remotely.

PHP Cons

  • Threaded execution: each thread uses its own memory or connection and this can quickly get depleted.
  • Global extensions: these are bridges that are required between C code and PHP and may require a lot of work and help when you need applications deployed.
  • No IoT: this can be a real issue if you are looking at running anything in this area as there is simply no existing support.
  • Hard to find senior developers: it can be hard to find good offshore PHP developer talents as there are many lower-level developers upselling their abilities.

Reasons to Extend a Development Team with PHP Developer Offshore

There are always advantages to hiring PHP developers in Ukraine or elsewhere. The following are just a few of the reasons why you should use PHP development outsourcing:

  • They bring in skills that may be missing within your own staff.
  • They have a wider range of experience from working on multiple projects.
  • They have a better understanding of what could go wrong in your project.
  • They often have a better idea of what the end-user will really want.
  • They will be more used to delivering to tight schedules on time.
  • They are often cheaper to use than hiring your own in-house team.
  • You can flex the size of your team depending on demand.

Where Should You Look for PHP Developers Outsourcing?

The great thing with any software development work is that you can often undertake it with remote workers from elsewhere in the world. By using PHP outsourcing you can often save a huge amount of money as well as accessing talent that simply may not be accessible locally. Not only that, you can often be up and running in a matter of days or weeks rather than months if you have to recruit staff to work in house.

So which countries can you use for offshore PHP development? The following are some of the most popular countries that you could turn to:

  1. Ukraine
  2. India
  3. Poland
  4. China
  5. Mexico
  6. Brazil
  7. Singapore
  8. Romania
  9. Taiwan
  10. Canada

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The Cost of Outsourcing Your PHP Project

There are several factors that will affect the rate you will be charged. The most important will be that of location. If you source labor from a region where there is a low cost of living then the wages are likely to be much lower than they would be within countries such as the US or the UK.

There are some significant savings to be made if you want to work within a lower cost economy. However, you should also ensure that the country and the company you will work with is able to deliver the skills that you require and complete your project on time. Never simply make your choice based on price alone. It is no good getting something done on the cheap if they cannot deliver something that is right for your users.

However, there are many countries that are able to provide you with a good level of programming skill that will result in excellent work. To get some idea of the PHP developer rate that you may have to pay across different countries take a look at the following table based on rel=”nofollow” figures from Payscale:

Country Average Salary Junior Mid-Level Senior
Ukraine $11,980 $6,288 $14,400 $31,200
Singapore $33,346 $31,222 $35,620 $39,400
UK $35,684 $31,742 $42,718 $48,764
Poland $13,353 $11,911 $17,099 $32,134
Taiwan $24,374 $22,546 $24,987 $29,396
Canada $38,694 $36,209 $41,639 $54,940

As you can see from the table of PHP developer rates it is far less expensive to hire PHP web developer Ukraine than for any other country. So if your aim is to reduce the overall cost of your project you need to hire PHP developers Ukraine. Working with dev PHP Ukraine staff will often be as effective, if not more so, than working with any other fully qualified developers from more expensive countries in the West.

When it comes to web development PHP is an absolute necessity but it’s hard to find good programmers at low prices. Junior PHP developers tend to be rather bad so you ought to go for a more senior coder who knows what they’re doing.

  • Junior developer – $350-$524/month
  • Mid-level coder – $1200-$1500/month
  • Senior programmer – $2600-$3000/month

Overall, you should be careful about the kind of PHP developer Ukraine-based companies might suggest. If the price is too good to be true, it probably is.

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What Affects a PHP Developer Salary?

While location is obviously a major factor when you hire PHP developer Ukraine there are a number of other factors that will have an impact on what you will pay. The following are a few of the other areas that will have an impact on salary when you hire PHP programmer Ukraine:

  • Years in the job: there can be a major difference in the expected salary between someone that is new to the job compared to someone that has many years of experience. After all, you would expect that someone with more experience will be able to produce more effective code quicker than someone that is just starting out in the role.
  • Project experience: if your PHP developers Ukraine have only ever worked on basic websites then they are unlikely to be able to command a high salary. While those that have worked on more complex projects can.
  • Experience with remote working: being able to program in PHP and being able to work within a remote team are very different things. You will expect to pay more when your offshore PHP development team is used to working in the environment that is expected of them.
  • Experience with other languages: a developer that is also able to work in other languages to a high standard may help save time in other areas of your project as well as bringing other programing experience to the project.
  • Ability to use version control software and project management packages: there are a number of different pieces of software that may be used to monitor and facilitate your projects. Familiarization with these packages saves time while also raising the salaries of the staff.

Remember, if you are going to pay a rate that is simply unbelievably low do not believe that you are going to get the results that you are looking for. If you are looking for quality work then you will still have to pay a reasonable rate for outsource PHP programming even in a lower cost country.

Why Hire PHP Developers from Ukraine?

There are a number of significant reasons why you should consider developers from Ukraine. It’s often said that when it comes to web development PHP is vital, so you need to choose right. Think about the unbiased statements below and see if they can offer you what you need.

  • Developers from Ukraine typically have a very advanced skill set that can be applied to any PHP programming projects you have.
  • The cost of outsourcing is much lower than in the West for economic reasons, but developers will still expect to be paid well for PHP programming projects.
  • They are focused and very attentive when it comes to detail. That said, you may not be used to their rather direct methods of communication.
  • They usually have a very Western attitude and are well-located if your business is based in Europe or even the United States.
  • Excellent English skills: most PHP programmers Ukraine have the ability to communicate to a high standard in English.
  • Highly experienced at working remotely so are able to ensure your project progresses at the right rate.
  • Full understanding of version control software such as Git to keep track of your software.
  • Easy to reach: you can be in Ukraine within just a couple of hours from any major European city if you need to meet with your PHP development company Ukraine.
  • The pool of available workers is growing every year: according to Ukraine Invest there are more than 35k science graduates with 16k of them being in IT.

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How to Find Experts for PHP Development Ukraine

If you are to outsource PHP development Ukraine you need to go about it with care. It is not a simple matter of finding the first company that you find on google that is within the price range that you want to pay for PHP outsourcing Ukraine. Whether you need a sole developer or a whole team of staff it will usually be best to work with an offshore PHP development company in Ukraine. They will be able to ensure that you get precisely the people that you need for your project.

As with working with any other contractors or consultants, do your homework before you start:

  • Ensure that the company that you work with has been around for a while. Poor companies in this industry simply fail to exist after a short time.
  • Make sure that they have experience in the area that you require support and are confident that they will be able to deliver your specific needs. Work with them closely to ensure that they fully understand your requirements.
  • Always check what they have done in the past. Look at their portfolios and past clients to see that they have delivered quality work that has satisfied those that have worked with them.

Make sure you find the finest PHP developer Ukraine can offer. Make the right choice and you’ll benefit tenfold.