Costs to Hire NodeJS Developer: Comparison Across Different Countries

Node.JS is one of the most commonly used technologies all over the world. It is an extremely effective JavaScript environment based on Chrome’s V8 that is useful for web or single-page applications or composing JavaScript on a server. It is versatile and highly adaptable.

The main advantage of Node.JS is that it is perfect for full-stack development as well as database management. Node JS developer is professional with knowledge of this environment, that can build applications, maintain them, fix bugs, provide front-end and back-end development.

Benefits of Hiring Node JS Developer

Node.JS is powering almost 28,000 websites only in the USA. Many huge businesses use it, for example, Amazon©, PayPal©, Netflix©, and Reddit©. Therefore, hiring a Node.JS developer or a team is advantageous for a company’s success. Professional/a team can quickly build web applications JavaScript logic on server side and real-time collaboration and messaging tools. Another responsibilities include maintaining database and providing high-speed responsivity and data interchange between server and client side.

Node JS developing team helps a company provide clients with high-quality online experience with web applications.

Reasons to Hire Node JS Developer:

  1. Allows building real-time apps of excellent performance. It can be a social application, Chat, CMS or HTML5 multiplayer game.
  2. One language is used for both sides of a server and of a client.
  3. It is a non-blocking runtime, so there is no risk of dead-locking.
  4. Node.JS is fast and lightweight.
  5. It is an open-source runtime environment that is constantly updated.
  6. Allows building microservers.
  7. Easy maintenance of central database and high responsivity.
  8. Node JS developer is responsible for building all logic on a server side.
  9. The environment provides efficient and reusable code.

Hiring Options and Factors Еhat Influence NodeJS Developer Salary

There are three possibilities for hiring professionals in this field:

  • In-house team;
  • Freelancers;
  • Outsourcing.

Although the first option is logistically more convenient, it comes with the highest prices. In the case of a non-consistent workload, it is also quite inefficient. Freelancers might be a reasonable option for smaller projects, but it brings lots of risks.

Outsourcing is an optimal solution when it comes to effectiveness, quality, and price. For example, according to PayScale, it costs about $80,163 a year to hire NodeJS developer USA. Node JS developer salary in Canada is on the same level. Outsourcing from different regions, on the contrary, is more affordable.

When looking at a list of outsourcing companies a business can find a perfect solution with an experienced team that offers high-quality services on a safe basis. The main factors influencing rates of professionals are:

  • Location/region;
  • Team size;
  • Level of expertise;
  • Complexity and duration of the project.

5 main regions provide high-quality outsourcing services, namely Eastern Europe, Central/Western Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America. The choice should be made according to the company’s needs and financial opportunities.

Node JS Development Rates Worldwide

According to PayScale and Indeed information, it is possible to make a comparison of yearly salaries in different regions.

  • The USA – $80,163
  • The UK – $46,124
  • Spain – $39,956
  • France – $44,810
  • Ukraine – $23,800
  • Norway – $72,500
  • Germany – $52,300
  • India – $21,000
  • Kenya – $20,625
  • Colombia – $14,170

nodejs developer salary worldwideAverage Annual Node.JS Developer Price (Source: Mobilunity)

This data shows that there is a huge difference in rates when it comes to location. It is much more affordable to hire Node.JS developer Colombia than a specialist in the United States or Node.JS developer London.

The hourly rates also differ, so the choice of the country depends also on the duration and scope of a project. As an example, Node JS developer Finland will be rating $61-80 per hour as junior or middle and $81-100 as a senior. In Eastern European countries like Ukraine, the rates will be much lower, approximately $41-60 and $41-80.

Yet the financial aspect is one of the top priorities, it is not the only thing to think about. When choosing between Node JS developer Kenya, Australia Node JS developer or professional from Ukraine, it is essential to consider other factors.

Criteria for Choosing the Country for Outsourcing Node.JS Developers

It is important to determine which country of software outsourcing is the most suitable for your company’s needs. Here are four key factors that influence this decision, except Node.JS programmer salary.

#1 Level of Expertise

The highly-developed educational system of a country is a basis for professional growth, for example Node JS development Germany, which is known for excellent academic background. It creates an environment for the endorsing level of expertise of developers.

#2 Language Proficiency

Communication is vital in software outsourcing; therefore choose the country where the level of desired language proficiency is high. Mainly it is English, so you can choose the team that is good at English, like Node.JS development company in India. Yet, if your primary language is Swedish, it might be beneficial to search for “Node JS developer Stockholm ”.

#3 Time Zones

If there is a significant difference in time zones, it might result in serious delays in work. Simply because when the issue occurs it is the night time in the country of developers.

#4 Amount of Professionals

The country of outsourcing should have developed IT market and provide a sufficient number of specialists to choose from. Competition contributes to professional growth.

Outsourcing and Node JS Programmer Salary in Ukraine

Depending on the mentioned above criteria, it is easy to see that although the salary of Node JS developer Nepal is lower, this choice might be inconvenient in terms of time zones, or instance.

Outsourcing developers Ukraine is an optimal choice for businesses because of the following aspects:

  • Ukraine has highly-developed IT market with a strong academic background;
  • Professionals here have usually lots of practice and experience in working with international clients;
  • Ukrainian developers score approximately 88,7% at HackerRank challenges;
  • IT community mostly speak English, which means easy communication;
  • Here are one of the most affordable rates in Eastern Europe;
  • The time zone overlaps with the USA and the UK times;
  • The work culture in Ukraine is similar to work culture in the UK or the USA with a focus on the result and numbers.

Ukraine is always in the top list of software outsourcing providers as it offers professional teams with high levels of expertise at cost-effective pricing.