Kharkiv Software Development Outsourcing Companies

As it’s the second-largest city in Ukraine, you can imagine that there are lots of software development outsourcing companies present in Kharkiv. Let’s take a look at 8 of the best options and see which one suits you most.

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The Top 8 Software Outsourcing Services in Kharkiv

The kinds of software outsourcing services available in this major technological and cultural hub are varied and diverse. Consider the 8 below and pick one that matches your priorities.

  • The guys at Consulti are dedicated to mastering the art and skill of mobile app development. They have developed hundreds of apps for successful clients.
  • Appus offers web design and app development for both iOS development Ukraine¬†and Android. They have an online price calculator to help you work out the cost of your project.
  • Eastern Peak focuses on creative design, providing web and mobile development as well as software testing services.
  • Applikey gives you all the help you need when you’re just starting out in business. Their work includes web, iOS and Android development.
  • Altexsoft offers big data analysis, engineering services and IT consulting for a range of industry sectors.
  • Rozdoum is a professional software development house that provides services in project management, business process outsourcing and more.
  • Nix Solutions is a creative team that is willing to take on projects that would simply frighten others away. Their portfolio is huge and varied.
  • Sigma is a vast team of over 700 professionals. You’re bound to find the right team of outsourced programmers here.
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Tips for Choosing a Development Team

You really have to know what you’re doing if you want to get the best results from outsourced services in any sector, let alone one as specialized as IT and programming. Follow the concise steps below and you won’t go far wrong.

  • Outsource programming professionals in Ukraine tend to have an excellent education in math and physics but their English skills are often lacking. Ensure that the hired team understands your needs fully.
  • Consider the average salary for members of an outsource programming team in Ukraine to understand the price quotes you’re given. You don’t want to get ripped off and, on the contrary, you won’t want to pay a pittance if it means getting an under-qualified programmer.
  • Ukrainian programmers won’t hold back when telling you that your project isn’t the best approach to the problem at hand. Don’t be afraid to listen to them as they are the experts and have truly seen it all before.

There are several software development outsourcing companies worth being aware of in Kharkiv. Consider the services each individual company offers and choose one that has worked with a business like yours before.

Some of the best software development outsourcing companies in Ukraine are located in Kharkiv. Choose the right one for your needs.