List of Top Outsourcing Companies in India

Indian outsourcing companies are inexpensive and have a deep pool of talent on which to draw. There’s no doubt that India is a great offshore web development place to get your outsourcing from. But you may be wondering whether it’s the place for you and, if so, how to find a company that offers outsourcing services. Here we have a list and some words of wisdom for those of you seeking help.

Advice about Indian Outsourcing

Outsourcing to India often gets a bad reputation. However, the news mostly reports the bad side in order to promote sensationalism. Kiran Karnik, head of Indian’s National Association of Software and Services Companies, tells a story about how a young girl’s life was saved after an accident because her x-rays were able to be immediately sent to a qualified Indian radiographer. Stories like this highlight the upsides of outsourcing. When you see naysayers, remember that they are only telling one side of the story.

IT Outsourcing Companies in India

Here’s our list of the top ten outsourcing companies in India. All of these companies deliver great quality at competitive prices.

  • Firstsource Solutions: Operating out of Mumbai, Firstsource has 26000 employees and offices spread across five countries. They offer excellent business outsourcing for a global market and are known for their efficient solutions. They are part of the conglomerate RPG group and their brand remains strong as a result.
  • HCL: HLC has thirteen years of experience and a reputation for excellence. It is based in Uttar Pradesh, and its solution stretch across numerous domains: finance, accounting, supply chain management, and human resource. HCL’s diverse array of services make it a winner.
  • Aditya Birla Minacs: Although Aditya’s main headquarters are in Bangladesh, it also has offices in Canada and the United States. It’s been in operation for nine years and has provided business assistance to hundreds of clients. This strong business processing service provider has a total of 21000 employees.
  • Infosys: Infosys is located in Karnataka and has been going strong for many years. Its numerous employees are put to great use, giving Infosys a reputation for speed and efficiency. The company has been an excellent choice for both business and tech outsourcing since its founding in 1981.
  • Wipro: Since 1945, Wipro has been demonstrating business sense and elegant solutions to problems. It has been an independent tech company since 2013, but for twenty years before it was already involved in the outsourcing business. Its strong track record makes it a good choice.
  • WNS: Mumbai’s WNS manages business process management and IT consulting for the outsourcing market. It has over 32,000 employees and twenty years of offshore business experience. The illustrious client list includes British Airways, FirstMangus Financial, Tesco, IndyMac Bank, and Travelocity.
  • Aegis Limited: Aegis is under the auspices of the Essar Group and provides shipping, business process outsourcing, and telecommunications. It was formed in 1992 and is now based in Mumbai.
  • Serco Global Services Ltd: Located in Gurgaon Haryana, Serco Global Services has about 60,000 employees and does a billion dollars’ worth of business globally. It has offices in five continents.
  • Tata Consultancy Services: Tata operates in 46 countries and is the tenth largest IT service provider. It is headquartered in Mumbai and was founded in 1968. Ever since then it’s had a reputation for brilliant service.
  • Genpact Limited: Genpact has been operating in India since 1997. Its turnover annually is generally about  $1.5 billion and it employs about 65000 people. It is known for its business and technology solutions for a global market.

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Find an Indian Outsourcing Company

The companies we’ve shown you are some of the best. However, there are plenty of other great ones out there, too! You never know where you might find India or UK outsourcing companies that fits precisely what you’re looking for. So take this list as a starting point rather than definitive guide. Let it shape your search until you find what you really need.

You’ve seen a great outsourcing companies India list – now learn more about them and find out how to get top outsourcing for low prices!