IT Outsourcing Company Ukraine or Other Country?

it outsourcing company ukraine reasons to choose

Today, we consider the world a global village. One large and highly interactive community that shares ideas, inventions, dreams, hopes; and common goals. What’s interesting about this ideology is that it has enabled quite a majority of companies to globally establish themselves in new niches. New opportunities that initially weren’t there. Or were too risky at the time to become a successful venture. Say for example outsourcing. The billion dollar industry that is responsible for employing thousands of people. Ukraine, India and China, in particular, have benefited immensely from it. But what makes IT outsourcing company Ukraine the most respected and highly sought after outsourcing companies? Well, there are quite a number of reasons. And we will vividly discuss why it’s worth to hire Ukraine outsourcing companies.

IT Outsourcing Company Ukraine: Reasons to Choose

The talent pool is amazing

We cannot reiterate how highly skilled the Ukrainian talent pool is. Every year, there are over 16,000 IT graduates that complete advanced programming courses. And where do these geniuses go to? You guessed right. Outsourcing companies that give them the opportunity to interact with international clients from all over the world. From Java, PHP, C++, you name it. There is no language or software these wizards won’t master. And from the get-go, the Ukrainian culture has trained these individuals to have a serious work ethic. Ensuring that outsourced projects are completed in record time. And that work delivered is of the highest quality.

The rates are cheaper for such outstanding work

One might be surprised to find that outsourcing from Ukraine is relatively cheaper than their respective competitors. For example, the average junior developer in Ukraine earns roughly $200 to $350 per month. While in India, the same junior developer would earn roughly about $350 to $400 a month. And based on statistics, most companies that outsource from Ukraine tend to be more satisfied with the work output and content as compared to outsourcing from India or China. But why is Ukrainian outsourcing much cheaper? Well, there are a lot of factors that come to play.

Ukrainian certified IT experts

For starters, suburban life in India and China tends to be more expensive than in Ukraine. We could attest this to two main reasons. One, there is high population pressure thus a higher demand for basic commodities such as food, shelter, and clothing in said countries. Secondly, as a backbone of the economy, the Ukrainian government has taken big steps to making IT infrastructure cheap and readily available for the average Ukrainian. Thus, you find amenities such as the Internet quite affordable; mention the ease of its accessibility as compared to in India.

The language barrier has been significantly reduced

In the past decade or so, the average Ukrainian has moved from being only a native of the Russian language to having a basic understanding of English. This is to make communication with international clients much easier. Though India has a slightly greater advantage of being more fluent due to its past relationship as a British colony. However, Ukraine has definitely surpassed China in its efforts to improve English comprehension in the country. And when it comes to IT outsourcing Eastern Europe, Ukraine has invested heavily in learning the English language to facilitate easier communication with foreign companies as compared to their neighbors.

What is the advantage of this? Well, Ukraine IT outsourcing companies can now interact better with their clients and discuss more clearly on particular projects. They can set goals, accomplish given milestones; and even develop a cordial relationship with their clients!

A proven track record on the outsourcing circuit

Ukraine is like the Serena Williams of outsourcing. They are always winning! Endless accolades plus recognition for the outstanding work they’ve been doing for the past couple of years. Being dubbed the go-to destination for all IT outsourcing is no easy task. And what makes it all the more interesting is that Ukraine has had a later rise in the outsourcing industry compared to India and China. And on that note, you can never go wrong in selecting Ukraine as your IT outsourcing hub.

With their track record, commitment, and dedication to excellence, we can confidently say that the best decision is to hire IT outsourcing company Ukraine!