Salesforce Consultant Rates Worldwide Comparison

Online shopping is fast becoming the most popular method of buying products. In fact, it is predicted that e-commerce platforms’ traffic will surpass traditional brick-and-mortar stores in the coming years. Many businesses are, therefore, moving to sell through e-commerce platforms. E-commerce allows buyers to browse and transact online in a smooth and convenient process. Due to this fast-growing field, many software products and solutions have been developed and have become available to assist both buyers and sellers with the buying process. One of these solutions is Salesforce, a cloud-based, integrated customer relationship management (CRM) platform that offers a streamlined sales process for e-commerce business owners, as well as a smooth user-experience for shoppers. Salesforce consists of two parts: the Commerce Cloud Digital which assists with online shopping requirements and the Commerce Cloud Store which assists with operational and point-of-sale processes. Not everyone can implement and manage this platform and many businesses hire Salesforce developers and consultants to assist with the management of it.

Because of Salesforce’s large range of benefits, Salesforce consultants are in high demand and this has increased Salesforce consulting rates exponentially. Luckily, some countries offer top-quality, skilled and experienced candidates at lower rates. Especially for new and smaller businesses, hiring from more affordable countries can be highly beneficial. It is, therefore, important to do thorough research on Salesforce consulting rates and Salesforce developer consulting rates before hiring.

Who Uses Salesforce and Why Is It in High Demand?

Businesses continue to embrace the rise of online systems, software automation, AI and IoT. With this rapid change of technology comes the increase in the search for better, faster and more affordable developments to improve existing processes. When it comes to sales and CRM-related systems, there are many popular software platforms on the market. Currently, Salesforce is the global leader with around 20% of the market share. This makes Salesforce an excellent product for all online-operating businesses, big and small.

Salesforce is a valuable platform to improve the e-commerce experience of both the business owner and the customer. Salesforce improves marketing, sales and after-sales service with its easy, customizable, and integrative system. As a result of its many benefits, the Salesforce platform and Salesforce consultants are currently in high demand.

Globally, there are many big e-commerce companies currently using Salesforce. Some of the top companies using this platform include Spotify, Amazon Web Services, U.S. Bank, Toyota, Macy’s, T-Mobile and Aldo. The popularity of Salesforce is due to its many benefits for both businesses and buyers.

Benefits of Hiring Salesforce Consultants for Your Project

Salesforce consultants add a lot of value to a business because they can analyze the effects of any changes and they can help to develop new and improved solutions for any sales-related problems. Ultimately, Salesforce consultants can increase revenue and drive the business forward. The top benefits of hiring a Salesforce consultant for your project include:

benefits of hiring salesforce consultant

  • Increased Return on Investment

Every business wants to see a return on the investments they make, including the hiring of experts. A skilled Salesforce consultant will offer the needed knowledge and skill to ensure that your e-commerce business runs smoothly and that your objectives are met. This will improve customer service and increase ROI in the long run.

  • Saving time

By hiring a Salesforce expert, you can save a lot of time testing new processes and systems and figuring out solutions for sales-related problems. A Salesforce consultant will know exactly what your business requires and how to implement it.

  • Fast problem-solving

A Salesforce consultant will know how to handle software and systems issues. These consultants are trained in problem-solving and have the know-how to implement the correct, customized solutions.

  • Excellent decision making and advice

Often, important decisions need to be made and your team may not have the knowledge to make the right choices. Salesforce consultants have the skills to offer the needed advice when it comes to sales processes, software improvements, CRM systems and after-sales care. These consultants will ensure that the right decisions are made, especially when your business expands.

  • Cost-saving

Instead of hiring a large team or company to assist with sales-related processes and systems, a Salesforce consultant will be able to see your project through from start to finish. This can save your business a lot of money in the long run.

The benefits of hiring a Salesforce consultant are plenty, but the certified Salesforce consulting rates can be quite high. It is important to keep your budget in mind before hiring any candidates.

Salesforce Consultant Rates in Different Countries

salesforce consulting rates in different countries

Since Salesforce consultants offer so much value, Salesforce consultant rates are often high. Salesforce consultant hourly rates range between $24.76 to $101.44 per hour but also differ from country to country and levels of expertise. A quick look on PayScale at Salesforce consulting rates 2019 in the USA, Ukraine and Denmark points this out:

Level of expertise Salesforce consulting rates in the USA Salesforce consulting rates in Ukraine Salesforce consulting rates in Denmark
Junior $63963 $945,91 $9048
Middle $98570 $1455,60 $78021
Senior $109858 $1609,78 $113176

The Salesforce consultant salary differs greatly from country to country. Therefore, it is important to do research before employing candidates for your next project.

Save on Salesforce Consulting Rates and Other Advantages of Hiring Salesforce Consultants from Ukraine

Currently, the rates for Salesforce consultant are steep. However, if you hire from the right country and choose international outsourcing, you can save. The Salesforce consultant salary range in Ukraine is quite low compared to other countries. For any business looking to cut hiring costs but still want quality work to be done, should consider the low Salesforce implementation consultant salary from Ukrainian candidates.

Ukranian Salesforce candidates are also hired for their excellent educational background, experience and skills. These individuals often work on complex projects around the world and are seen as excellent candidates. Furthermore, they adapt to teams easily, can work remotely and have excellent communication skills.

If you require expert consultants and want to save on Salesforce consulting rates, look no further than Ukraine. Do some research and make the right choice today.