Choose Only Top Outsourcing Companies in UAE

The UAE: what does the name bring to mind? Oil fields? The glittering opulence of downtown Dubai? How about outsourcing? The UAE, and the North Africa and the Middle East region in general, is increasingly a competitor on the market for offshore web development. Offshoring to the Middle East and to the UAE offers some great benefits, as we’ll see later, but finding a business is difficult. That’s why we have compiled this list of five great firms that offering outsourcing to the UAE. It’ll clear up your confusion and help you to find your way towards a great company.

Why IT Outsourcing Companies in UAE

According to Clutch, the UAE is an ideal place to outsource. It’s lately been coming into its own as a location, as more popular countries like India and the Philippines begin to be overexposed. The Middle East is in close proximity to Europe, so the time zone is somewhat more convenient than countries further east. The UAE’s growing literacy rates and increased infrastructure are making it a strong contender of the Middle Eastern countries. English is also widely spoken in Dubai. It even has a special area for outsourcing now – the DOZ, Dubai Outsourcing Zone. This zone is located a few minutes from downtown Dubai and provides strong support for outsourcing companies. The UAE is a competitive choice in outsourcing.

List of Outsourcing Companies in UAE

Check out these five companies that provide high-quality outsourcing based in the United Arab Emirates.

  • Sewells Group: Sewell is known for its strong presence in the Middle East, Africa, and the Asia Pacific region. They were founded in 1970 and are focused on helping auto manufactures improve their operations and efficiency. Thousands of dealerships across the world, including the Middle East, use Sewells’ efficient policies and frameworks. The company is also involved in naming the Businessman of the Year for motor dealers in South Africa.
  • TASC: TASC offers IT and HR outsourcing for the global marketplace and prides itself on giving its employees an environment for growth, personal development, and learning. Its sectors of interest include banking and finance, oil, gas, and energy, retail, and information technology. It boasts employees from 70 different countries, giving it a worldwide outlook. With nine awards and accolades, you can count on TASC to deliver on its promises.
  • Transguard: Transguard is a security services provider that offers help spanning across facilities management, cash management, security services, aviation services, manpower, and workforce. It is the UAE’s largest outsourcing company and has been in Dubai since its inception in 2001. Their customer base includes over 600 firms. They pride themselves on supporting their customers to succeed in whatever they are best at.
  • Pinnacle IT: Founded in the year 1999 as a project support services firm, Pinnacle has now diversified into General Services, Procurement and Supplies, Logistics Support, and Capacity Building. They have operated in such diverse parts of South and West Asia as Iraq, Jordan, and India, but they have now chosen to make their home in the UAE. They have worked in many challenging conditions and consider it a badge of honor to have served there.
  • Burhani: Burhani bills itself as one of the most trusted IT companies in Dubai, and with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, it’s not hard to see why. They offer offsite IT, backup, and cloud management, and also provide relocation services for technological infrastructure. They have over twelve years of experience at delivering IT solutions.

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Final Help with UAE Outsourcing

The UAE is an excellent outsourcing resource. It’s moderately-established, meaning it has the infrastructure you need. And it’s not too popular yet, so the market has yet to become oversaturated. With these list of firms, it will be simple to find your way to a great outsourcing firm. When you do that, you’ll find that your business is more efficient and that you have more time to concentrate on what’s most important to you. Now that you have this helpful list, go forth and make your business great with outsourcing companies in Lagos or UAE.

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