Best Companies that Provide Angular Js Development

angularjs web application development
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AngularJS, which was initially released by Google 5 years ago, is a JavaScript-based end-user web application development framework. Mainly maintained by Google and a community of IT Specialists, AngularJS is an open-source framework used for developing a single-page application and line-of-business applications which simplifies the development of web applications these days.

Since the debut of mobile devices and people now are more on-the-go, most corporations/businesses would prefer their web sites to be available in any devices used by the masses. The need to make the sites available to mobile devices and give the users a desktop-application-like experience leads to the creation of Single Page Applications.

Compared to other web development tools, such as HTML web development, AngularJS development tools include features such as data binding, web templating system and form validations which make front-end developers’ life easier.

Companies That Provide AngularJS Development

Below are some of the remarkable companies that provide AngularJS web application nowadays:

An Australia-based Web Development Company that provides precise IT solutions to build dynamic websites, web-based applications, and mobile apps by utilizing this open source framework.

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A Web and Mobile Applications Developer that uses AngularJS Framework. Based in US, they provide a result in an expressive, understandable and quick manner to clients. Aside from providing exclusive AngularJS web development they also extend proactive support and maintenance services after deployment of the end product.


A leading Mobile Apps, Enterprise Software, and Custom Website Development company in India that uses AngularJS Framework for their clients.

Start learning AngularJS step-by-step. Learn the basics of AngularJS Development and start applying it to your web page!