Obstacles of Asp.net Development for Companies

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If you are building a website for your business, choosing the ideal programming language and Asp.net or Bootstrap development company that suits your particular need is necessary for a more responsive and user- friendly website. There are several languages available for your use. Make sure you understand the disadvantages and advantages of each to decide which among those best fits your requirements.

6 Obstacles Faced by Asp.net Development for Companies

One of the most popular and commonly used programming languages is the asp.net Development by Microsoft with object-oriented and flexible features. Despite its unlimited advantages, here are 6 obstacles or disadvantages of using asp net web development for your company website.

  • No predefined application architecture

Using ASP.NET in creating your website is a bit tricky as it has no predefined architecture. Developers can just choose their code because Separation of Concerns (SoC) is neither defined.

Developers select a code behind the approach which creates complex issues on the development cycle.

  • Limited support for SEO and testing

Unit testing became almost impossible with undefined architecture and several event handlers. It’s also difficult to do integration testing with web forms. The ASPX pages are also not friendly for users and search engine.

  • Minimal parallel development and lack of reusability

Code reusability becomes difficult by using codes behind logic. Conflicts and issues arise if developers re-use similar code for parallel development and multiple UI. A professional asp net development company with years of experience in handling the particular issue is all you need.

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  • Performance issues

Statefulness through Postback, ViewState, and Controls turns out a problem for classic ASP. Page size for ViewStage becomes bigger, which affects its overall web performance. This made difficult for developers to control the hierarchy. Several events make the application complicated, too. This causes for the developers to struggle in implementing the right code for your website.

  • Lack of control over HTML

In order to achieve your ideal HTML, developers can only use the Traditional postback mechanism. This is because web forms hide HTML and HTTP with abstraction. This made integration with JavaScript and JQuery more complicated as HTML and Web Forms have an unclear connection.

  • Expensive

If you want to develop Asp.net website then prepare your pocket for spending a ton for hiring an asp net development company and buying all your software licenses. This isn’t a huge issue if you understand ASP.NET requirements. However, be wary as some groundbreaking websites turned out as an experiment. Unfortunately, results to skunk projects.

While you save with C# compiler and other free development tools, you lose the chance of experiencing the benefits that come with ASP.NET.

Find the Most Experienced Asp.net Development for Companies

They say that ASP.NET development is complicated. But for developers, who has the vast experience and expertise in this web programming language, ASP.NET work is a breeze. Despite the above obstacles discussed, a professional developer can create a website that has all the features you need.

Find ASP.NET development company that can handle ASP.NET obstacles and know exactly how the language works!