Best Software Development Company Ukraine: How to Find One?

software development company ukraine

There are numerous outstanding software development companies in Ukraine. The Developers of Ukraine (DOU) of IT companies in Ukraine is a leading online software developer’s community that rated the top software development companies in the country.

Information about the Best Software Development Companies in Ukraine

  • EPAM: Having 4,500 employees, EPAM system is one the top listed for software developers in software, healthcare, life sciences, media & entertainment, travel, commerce and finance.
  • Softserve Inc: This is the largest IT Company with more than 4,000 employees having headquarters in Lviv. It is one of the leading applications and outsourced product development companies.
  • Luxoft: The Company has more than 3,500 employees in Ukraine and they have headquarters in Switzerland. They have the expertise in telecommunication, finance, automotive, energy, and aviation and travel industries.
  • GlobalLogic: The Company is a full software development company with offices in 4 Ukraine cities. They are working with industry leaders and start-ups. They are well known in software and hardware markets.
  • Ciklum: They have seven offices in Ukraine and headquarters in Denmark. Workers of the company are native speakers in 15 different languages and they are one of the best outsourcing for web development companies.

Average Salary for Technology in Ukraine vs. Europe vs. USA

A senior programmer average salary in Kyiv is between $3,500 up to $4,000 each month. In the United States, the software engineer salary as of 2016 is between $54,844 and $122,651 every year. In European countries, the average salary annually is €49566.

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Top 5 Cities for Technology in Ukraine

  • Lviv
  • Kyiv
  • Kharviv
  • Dnipro
  • Vinnytsia

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Benefits of Hiring UA Developers

The goal of UA developers is to match the day-to-day needs of their clients. They are working hard in reaching their client’s goals and understand the project direction, offering numerous benefits. They stay on track and meet client’s needs.

You also have the opportunity to communicate with the developer to understand the issue of your project and things you want to achieve. Additionally, they are offering solutions and ideas to your company regarding outsourcing for web development.

Hiring software development company Ukraine can deliver the software project you desire at reasonable rates.

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