Salesforce Developer Rates in Ukraine

Looking into Salesforce Developer Rates and Salaries

Salesforce is one of the most popular CRM platforms out there. Used by over 150,000 companies, the tool is a feature powerhouse. If you want to get the most out of all the features Salesforce has to offer, consider customizing the platform. There is no shortage of Salesforce developers on the market now – you can gather a highly skilled team without straining the corporate budget.

Looking for a tech team overseas is a smart way to fight talent shortage and cut salesforce development contract rates. Choosing an Eastern European market, like Ukraine, you will get access to affordable and skilled talent. Get to know the Ukrainian IT market, find out if Salesforce developers are in demand here, and get to know about the salesforce developer salary in major Ukrainian cities.

What Is Salesforce?

Salesforce is an all-in-one platform that streamlines all business processes – marketing, recruitment, customer support, etc. The platform is jam-packed with features. Here’s what it offers businesses:

salesforce development for businesses

If your employees are not tech-savvy or experienced CRM users, getting the hang of the platform might be challenging at first.

To make it easier for the team to use Salesforce, reach out to a developer who’ll optimize the user interface, write custom integrations, and answer all CRM-related questions. Before you start researching job candidates, get to know the average Salesforce contractor rates.

Worldwide Salesforce Development Demand and Salesforce Developer Rates

Despite being one out of many CRM platforms of the market, Salesforce stably holds a 19.6% market share. A huge user base results in high demand for developers. In the United States, there’s a massive talent shortage of Salesforce developers – there aren’t enough professionals to cover 3 million available openings.

In Western Europe, the demand for Salesforce developers is high – so is the salesforce developer salary. Take a look at the regional leaders in Salesforce openings in the table below (data provided by IDC):

Number of openings Forecasted number of openings by 2022
Germany 17,024 26,300
Netherlands 7,400 9,700
United Kingdom 65,600 114,000
France 24,300 37,100

As a result of spiking demand, most tech hubs are experiencing a massive talent shortage when sourcing Salesforce developers. If you struggle to find a skilled specialist or are faced with high salesforce development rates, look for talent elsewhere – in technologically advanced, yet, talent-shortage-free Ukraine.

Salesforce Developer Demand in Ukraine

As most Ukrainian businesses were using other customer management tools – 1C and such – there isn’t an established Salesforce development market. Having said that, most developers are well-versed in best European and American practices and have been learning Salesforce to cater to international clients. In software companies in Ukraine, engineers have a surprisingly low salesforce certified developer salary thanks to the country’s moderate cost of living.

In Ukraine, there’s no lack of skilled Salesforce developers, yet, the openings market doesn’t employ all the talent. Western European and American businesses are the ones who benefit from the skilled Ukrainian workforce, as well as low salesforce developer contractor rates.

Salesforce Contractor Rates in Ukraine

To have a better understanding of how hiring a Ukrainian Salesforce developer is a financially thought out move, take a look at the salesforce developer salary comparison for 5 top IT hubs in Ukraine – Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv, Odesa, Dnipro, according to DOU – a leading IT community in the region.

  • Kyiv – $36,000/yr
  • Lviv – $30,000/yr;
  • Kharkiv – $30,000/yr
  • Odesa – $20,000/yr
  • Dnipro – $24,000 yr

salesforce certified developer salary in ukraine

Regardless of the Ukrainian tech hub you choose for Salesforce customization and development, the developer’s yearly salesforce developer contract rates will be considerably lower than American – $87,000/yr or European ones – $60,000.

Pros and Cons of Hiring Salesforce Developers in Ukraine

Hiring a Salesforce developer abroad is a responsible move. That’s why business managers should be aware of the benefits such a decision provides, along with the challenges the company might have to tackle along the way.

Pros of Hiring Salesforce Developers in Ukraine:

  • Reduced salesforce development cost. American developers earn twice what the Ukrainians do due to a considerably higher cost of living. While the discrepancy in Salesforce consultant rates is exponential, software engineers in the US, EU, and Ukraine use the same learning tools and resources – their expertise is fully on-par with European and American peers.
  • No talent shortage. It’s easier to find a Salesforce developer in Ukraine since the market is not jam-packed with job openings. There’s a wide range of outsourcing vendors in the region, skilled enough to flawlessly collaborate with international businesses.
  • Broader perspective. Working with an international team offers businesses access to new practices and tools that might’ve been overlooked in the home countries. Ukraine is seen as a link between Eastern and Western European countries – that’s why our developers have a wider range of practices and know-how than their colleagues.
  • Tax benefits. European and American companies have considerably higher tax returns than Ukrainian developers do. Working with a vendor in your home country, you have to pay 30%-60% of salesforce developer onsite rates in taxes. In Ukraine, business owners have 5% tax returns – the additional fees will not strain your budget.
  • Paying for a complete project. Hiring an outsourcing vendor in Ukraine means you no longer have to worry about sustaining an in-house development team. Instead, business managers can employee management and paperwork to the vendor, focusing only on maintaining high business efficiency.

Cons of Hiring Salesforce Developers in Ukraine

  • Cultural differences. International collaboration implies taking time to reach understanding within the team and design a collaboration strategy, with the time zone difference in mind. During the initial stages of development, getting to know developers from a different country is more time-consuming than onboarding people in your area.
  • Lack of market knowledge. Finding a Salesforce developer in Ukraine is challenging if you don’t know the most common ways to recruit IT talent here. Consider contacting an outsourcing consultant to match you with the right vendor for the project.

Why Should You Hire Salesforce Developers in Ukraine?

In case you’re still wondering if you should hire Salesforce Developers in Ukraine, take a look at the benefits that working with Ukrainian teams offers companies:

  • Outstanding development skills: Ukrainians have been the founders and CTO of many groundbreaking businesses and startups: Grammarly, Looksery, and many more.
  • Over 30,000 of IT graduates. Ukraine has a wide selection of tech majors at top universities in Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv, and other cities. As a result, the country has a wide pool of young educated developers.
  • Cultural similarities. Other than affordable salesforce developer rates, Ukraine has strong cultural ties, both linguistic and ethical, to a wide range of Western European countries. Such bonds make international collaboration easier and help avoid miscommunication.
  • No shortage of flights. You can get to Ukraine from any European country and most American cities. In case you want a face-to-face with a development team, the overall trip might take around 2-3 hours.

If you want to customize the Salesforce platform to fit the company’s needs, consider hiring Ukrainian developers to optimize the CRM. Choose developers in a country with affordable salesforce contractor rates and highly skilled talent.