Ukrainian Software Developers for Ruby: How to Hire?

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Ukrainian software developers are in demand and one of the programs that they are hired for is Ruby on Rail. The program has been used for the creation of new apps and mobile sites for businesses. There are many individuals who take the position of a Ruby on Rail developer. Ruby on Rails outsourcing, therefore, is a thing you could consider for your business if you need to develop mobile sites and new apps.

A Brief Overview of Ruby on Rails Development

Ruby on Rails (RoR) is a popular open-source web application framework consisting of a collection of code, tools and utilities. This framework is written in the programming language Ruby under the MIT License. Rails is a model–view–controller (MVC) framework that can assist businesses to build applications, specifically websites, from simple to complex. Many businesses around the world are using offshore RoR development for its ease of use, cost-effectiveness and security strength. Notable companies that hire Ruby on Rails developer offshore candidates successfully include Github, Shopify, Kickstarter, Scribd, Instacart, Zendesk and SoundCloud. These companies are mainly using RoR for web development purposes. Let’s consider the benefits involved in finding Ruby on Rails developers for hire.

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Benefits you’ll get with RoR development:

  • RoR implements the best standards. RoR guides you into their way of doing things and supports the best practices of web development.
  • Speedy development. RoR was designed with rapid prototyping and application development in mind. Its excellent developed system of modules and generator scripts, along with an effective package management system allows building a complicated application fast and efficiently.
  • Large RoR community. RoR is supported by a large vibrant community of skilled developers. A Ruby on Rails developer for hire is typically interested in the constant improvement of the codebase and inclusion of new, more efficient functionalities. 
  • Affordability. The average salary for Ruby on Rails developer candidates combined with RoR being open-source, allow for cost-effective development, no matter the project size. 

As with any development framework, RoR also has a few pitfalls. This should be considered before implementing RoR for development. Let’s view these downfalls:

The cons of using RoR developers:

  • Slow runtime. One of the biggest pitfalls of RoR is its slow runtime speed. This may make it harder to scale RoR applications.
  • Costly mistakes. Prototyping with RoR is fast and an inexperienced developer might make mistakes that could disintegrate your new application’s performance in the future. Mistakes may cost you more in RoR than some other frameworks.
  • Poor flexibility. If you have something unique in mind for your new development, RoR might now be the ideal framework. It is excellent for standard developments, but not so much for something unusual.

What Ruby on Rails Developers for Hire Do

An RoR developer is typically responsible for writing web application code in Ruby, making use of the framework Rails. These developers can be found through offshore Ruby on Rails firms and develop back-end components, connect the application with other web services and may often support front-end developers to ensure the successful running of the application without bugs.

Over the last few years, RoR has gained a lot of popularity. Let’s consider a few RoR statistics:

  • Over 408,364 websites use RoR
  • The top industries that use RoR includes computer electronics and technology, science and education and business and consumer services
  • Countries that use RoR the most include the US, India, Russia, Japan and the UK

This comes as a result of the numerous benefits it offers. As a result, many businesses are hiring an offshore Ruby on Rails development team and the demand has increased significantly. An RoR programmer from an offshore Ruby on Rails company can fill many roles when working on a project. Their responsibilities typically include:

  • Designing, building and maintaining reliable Ruby code
  • Integrating user-facing elements in the application with server-side logic
  • Integrating data storage solutions, such as databases and key-value stores
  • Identifying bugs and issues and devising solutions
  • Maintaining code quality throughout the application lifecycle

Companies that want to develop robust applications, should consider hiring offshore Ruby on Rails developers. Their experience with RoR and other common libraries positions them well to guide the application development project from start to finish. Their understanding of object-oriented programming and server-side templating languages also allows them to overcome issues fast and efficiently, while their knowledge of security allows them to build a highly secure product.

The Average Salary for Ruby on Rails Developer Candidates

Ruby on Rails developer rates can range from country to country. Therefore, it is important to do proper research first before deciding to hire from a specific region. Let’s consider the average annual RoR developer salary in five major countries:

ror developer salary rates

Ruby on Rails Programmer Cost Per Hour in Ukraine

From the research above, it is evident that Ukraine offers some of the most affordable rates for Ruby on Rails offshore development. There are many reasons for this, including a lower cost of living and a larger pool of experienced and skilled developers working remotely. Remote workers are generally much more affordable than hiring an in-house team. In recent years, increasingly more businesses have opted to hire an offshore Ruby on Rails developer from Ukraine, especially because of the high level of experience and skill, combined with the affordable Ruby on Rails developer cost. Let’s consider the average Ruby on Rails programmer cost per hour, including the cost of a senior and junior Ruby on Rails developer salary, of different levels of experience (based on our research over a few local job portals):

  • Junior developer: $10,96
  • Mid-level developer: $17,89
  • Senior developer: $26,83

Compared to other countries, these Ruby on Rails contractor rates are low. This makes it easy for businesses to make use of outsourced Ruby on Rails development from Ukraine without exceeding their budgets. These low Ruby on Rails developer salary rates allow businesses to save valuable capital to spend on other parts of their operations.

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What to Consider When Searching for Offshore Ruby on Rails Developers

When deciding to hire any IT expert there are certain things to consider. The same applies when hiring an RoR programmer as a freelancer or from a Ruby on Rails company in Ukraine. The aspects that should be carefully considered before hiring include:

  • The right education. An RoR developer should ideally have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. There are also certain courses the candidate can take to increase their knowledge specifically in RoR development. Some may even go on to obtain an honors or master’s degree, specializing in a certain IT field. These developers typically have higher rates.
  • Sufficient experience. Experience is a very important aspect to consider when you want to outsource Ruby on Rails development. They should have plenty of experience in RoR, proven work experience in software development, experience developing interactive applications and a background in object-oriented analysis and design. They should also have a passion for writing clean and efficient code and know about relational databases, ideally experience working with NoSQL databases.
  • A high level of skill. A Ruby on Rails outsource candidate should be proficient in fluent in RoR as a programming language, API design and architecture, strong knowledge of HTTP and REST and skills in Great DB modeling and optimization. They should also have excellent written and verbal communication skills, leadership abilities and be creative and innovative.
  • Affordability. As previously mentioned, the hiring rates for outsourcing Ruby on Rails vary largely from country to country and level of skill. While most Ruby on Rails programmer salary expectations are in line with the standard cost of the area where they work, some developers may push their prices. It is wise to do a thorough research of the true cost of Ruby on Rails engineer salary before hiring. 
  • Work ethic. It is often difficult to find out what someone’s work ethic is, however, it is an important aspect to consider. This will give you a good idea of the candidate’s general attitude and his or her level of productivity. To find out what someone’s work ethic is, a test can be conducted, along with a proper interview.

Once you can confirm all of the above points and you are happy with the results, it is safe to outsource Ruby on Rails candidate. It is always wise to ask for a resume, a cover letter, references, a test and an interview.

Ways to Hire Ruby on Rails Developers Ukraine

When you have considered all aspects of hiring Ruby on Rails developers Ukraine and you are confident that your businesses need one, it is time to find the ideal candidate. There are many ways to hire an RoR developer in Ukraine, including using freelancing platforms and hire RoR development company. Let’s consider the main methods:

Finding a freelancer

Millions of freelancers around the world use a variety of online platforms to advertise their skill and to gain new clients. Freelancers are mostly highly affordable, however, it is often difficult to find a candidate with sufficient experience and skill.

Using a job listing platform

There are plenty of job listing websites available online where you could post a job description. While you may find great candidates, the process is often lengthy. It can take months to hire the right person!

Hiring from an outstaffing company

The safest way to find the best talent is by using a Ruby on Rails outsourcing company. These companies carefully source highly skilled and experienced candidates and prepare them to work with international clients, big and small. With an outstaffing RoR development company, you can be sure that all your needs will be met.

Ruby on Rails Developers Salaries in Ukraine

In Ukraine, developers have an average salary of $2,000, but it varies depending on skill level: Junior, Middle or Senior developer. In the United States, the average salary is typically more than $70,000 every year. Europe has the most likely same average salary for its developers, but it depends on the location, status, and size of the company (Source).

salary of a ruby on rails developer in ukraine

Compare their rates, experience, and location. Also, you may want to contact each of your shortlisted firms to discuss your needs and figure out if they can provide you with such a service based on your requirements.

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Why Hire Ruby on Rails Developers in Ukraine

  • ruby on rails outsourcingAffordability. They are affordable and you do not need to go further and look for one. You can save on cost of equipment, recruitment process and employee benefits you would normally pay for professionals in your country.
  • Quality. You are given quality services because they are skilled and educated ones.
  • Better workflow. With developers in the country, you will have peace of mind that your project will proceed and finish smoothly.
  • Education and English proficiency: Their developers are not only talented but they are English proficient. Firms in Ukraine are investing on the education of their employees, who stay on top of their performance and possess high language skills.
  • Lower wage and salary Hiring one, you can save money in the end because you will pay lower wage versus hiring one in the US and other European countries.

There you have what to know about outsourcing IT Ukraine, ruby on rails market in Ukraine and how to hire one in the country. You can consider these professionals for their high level of technical skills, proficiency and cost savings for you.

Hire Ukraine Ruby on Rails developers today!