50 Best Nearshore Development Services Companies

Companies are constantly looking for creative ways to optimize their output at the most reasonable cost. This is especially the case with the IT industry, where the salaries continue to experience a shortage of skills prompting a steep upwards salary curve. In this article, we have identified 50 Best Nearshore Development Services Companies and the respective services you can engage them in.

But first, what is Nearshore Development? Nearshore outsourcing is the practice of delegating your work to individuals or nearshore outsourcing companies in countries within the geographical proximity of your company. For instance, if your nearshore outsourcing services company is located in the US, you can choose to outsource development nearshore from Canada or Mexico. This proximity facilitates easier communication not forgetting the sync that comes with cultural similarities as there is a high possibility that the workers speak the same language.

List of 50 Best Nearshore Companies

  1. Mobilunity

Headquartered in Ukraine, Mobilunity is a premium vendor of development services boasting of qualified professionals to handle all the IT needs of a company irrespective of the magnitude.

Founded in 2010, this nearshore IT outsourcing company has rapidly progressed to establish itself as a force to reckon with not only in Europe but globally. Since inception, the company has grown from two employees to a bloated team of over 120 professionals with the sole purpose is to actualize businesses’ vision into reality.

In recognition of the strides that the company has made, Mobilunity was nominated for the 2017 CSS Design Awards. During the same year, the company was recognized at the European Business Awards as one of the top 10 European Tech companies to watch in 2018.

Key among the services offered by Mobilunity include but not limited to Mobile Apps Development, Enterprise Solutions, Custom Web Development, E-commerce, and IT consulting. Additional new direction in the company is offshore BPO.

The company is in good books of firms like Zenchef, XPLG, and ServIT for designing and developing highly innovative software solutions. Whether you are looking for Demandware developers, big data engineers, or any other IT skills, this is your one-stop-shop.

  1. IBM

IBM is one of the largest tech companies with a global presence in over 170 countries and a combined workforce of over 380,000 employees. Headquartered in New York, the nearshore software development services company not only specializes in hardware manufacturing but also software development.

On top of being the company with the highest number of patents, IBM is a ruthless competitor in the tech world that is not ashamed to flaunt their vast and diverse portfolio consisting of products and services. Nearshore development outsourcing forms a major part as to one of the services that the nearshore development company offers.

This is made possible by the over 40 data centers scattered all over the world and they majorly deal in Cloud Computing, Cognitive Computing, Data and Analytics, IoT, Software Development, and IT infrastructure.

  1. Daxx

This award-winning company is also based in Ukraine and was once voted as one of the best employers in Ukraine’s IT sector. The company has been operating for close to two decades and boasts of 6 development centers spreading across 3 countries.

The company offers nearshore IT services ranging from web and software development, on-demand Agile transformation, code review, and advanced JIRA tuning, and a few other services all aimed at improving team productivity and leveling up of management skills.

  1. AltexSoft

AltexSoft is another major nearshore development player in Europe that helps companies overcome technological challenges through innovation and utilization of emerging technologies.

Established in 20017, AltexSoft boasts of a network of 4 branches spreading across different countries for a wide customer reach.

Leveraging on the vast experience in domain expertise, the nearshore outsourcing company helps businesses implement digital transformation through integration and software product development.

  1. MWDN

Headquartered in Israel but maintaining a network of development centers around Ukraine, MWDN was conceived in 2002 and has since grown to become a front-runner in the software design & development market.

With a keen focus to actualizing client’s needs, the company boasts of over 80 world-class software developers to deliver intuitive software products that help augment businesses efficiency and maximize the profits.

  1. IT Svit

This mover and shaker provide seamless and remuneratively lucrative software solutions for multiple business and brands. Incorporated in 2010, IT Svit has made a name within the software ecosystem in just 13 years.

The company deploys a formidable squad of developers with sound expertise in emerging technologies to create groundbreaking solutions.

Big Data & Data Science, Web Development, DevOps, and QA are some of the thriving points for this company.

  1. Ascendix Technologies

With over 2 decades worth of experience under their belt, Ascendix Technologies is a cutting-edge software development for salesforce apps and top-tier CRM systems.

Founded in the year 1996 in Dallas, the company is backed by skilled employees scattered globally in form of development outpost centers to deliver innovative and scalable IT solutions to clients.

Ascendix Technologies mainly deals with CRM development, CRM services, Commercial Real Estate Software Development, and Salesforce App Development.


Verna is a Managed Services Provider for IT infrastructure with 3 office locations and 70 worldwide vendor partners. The company provides excellent software, cloud, virtualization, database administration, and security services solutions to a number of business domains and industry verticals.

With over 17 years of active service in the IT ecosystem, VERNA is apt to efficiently traverse across legions of regulatory environments to satisfy business needs using engaging experiences.

With over 50 in-house IT engineers, key VERNA clients include GlobalLogic, Life, Ukrtelecom, and MTS.

  1. Globalluxsoft LLC

Globalluxsoft, LLC is a fully-fledged software development company based in the US and Ukraine for nearshore software development Ukraine. The company helps businesses build a custom app and web solutions with high regard for the Lean principles.

Globalluxsoft LLC has the bragging rights in having an experienced and flexible team of developers that can seamlessly alternate and transition between development styles to accommodate any project.

The company’s key areas of expertise include creating rock-solid QA, Machine Learning (check for ML data annotation), and Automation.

  1. YourServerAdmin

Is your business facing the rattles of server downtimes, YourServerAdmin is the to-go place. Neck-deep experienced IT engineers call this company home and they are always ready to help businesses sort out server management issues for both Windows and Linux-based servers.

Incorporated in the year 2000, YourServerAdmin also helps bring coherence both at a personal and team level thanks to their Dev-oops solutions.

  1. Exadel

Exadel is a global icon in the IT sector. With almost 20 years of accumulated experience, the company has an extensive portfolio littered with an extensive list of technology solutions to match the ever-changing technology landscape.

The company has a presence in more than 18 global locations spread across different continents. As a result, they are able to bridge the demand deficit plaguing the IT market. It’s one of the few privileged nearshore software development companies to have ever worked with Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, GHX, and NCP.

Exadel is uniquely placed to provide nearshore software services such as Big Data and Analytics, Enterprise Software Solutions, Digital Marketing Technology, and Mobile App Development.

  1. HiTech Service LLC

For the last 12 years, the company has been the leading technology solutions provider for the contemporary IT market in Europe specializing in software development, QA, Technical support, and remote infrastructure management.

With a team of 100+ developers, HiTech Service has a portfolio spreading across different clients in Europe and USA. Their unique engagement model allows clients to handpick the developers they want to work with.

  1. UkrInSoft

For over one decade, the company has provided businesses with innovative and sophisticated software solutions with multi-tiered complexity to keep customers hooked. Located in Ukraine, UkrInSoft has over 35 developers with a Kremlin-like ferocity to help start-ups, digital agencies, and development companies to augment their development capacity without spending a fortune.

If you are an entrepreneur struggling with nearshore web development, mobile development, e-commerce, DevOps, or UI/UX, UkrInSofT has got the right dose for your medication.

  1. Intetics Inc

Intetics Inc is a company that promises to turn any businesses’ software dream into a reality. Since inception in 1995, the company has delivered compelling solutions to a number of businesses to mitigate any redundancies.

The company’s team of Agile evangelists offer full cycle software development, right from raw ideas into intuitive end-to-end systems that are fully adjusted to meet customer demands and deployed in real-time.

  1. Softengi

Softengi is an award winning company based in Ukraine that majors in software development. The company has been operating for over two decades and has been nominated three times as a leading outsourcing company by IAOP.

Leveraging on modern technologies, Softengi has created an interconnected web of development centers spreading across 7 continents making it one of easily accessible IT Services Company.

From a simple business line with minimal projects, the company has evolved into a full-scale company that designs and builds customized and scalable software solutions that scale to match business needs.

  1. PLVision

Incorporated in 2007, PLVision is a trusted partner for companies looking to rapidly scale IoT software development.

The company has worked with major companies by helping them embed and improve network connectivity functionality thanks to the in-depth expertise in multiple network protocols. They also help businesses automate their processes and accelerate IoT development solutions.

  1. Intellias

Besides making it to Ukraine’s list of top IT employers, Intellias is among the chosen few to have been featured in the 2018 Global Outsourcing 100 List.

Incorporated in 2002, Intellias has mastered the art of leveraging on comprehensive tools and practices to improve productivity and rapidly ramp-up. All this is made possible by a bloated team of over 1102 in-house engineers in 4 delivery centers spread across different locations.

  1. OpenXcell

Although it’s headquartered in California USA, OpenXcell has the development arm located in India. The company has been branded as the holy grail of CMMI mobile app development that helps businesses design and develop Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Web applications, including AR/VR apps.

With a combined employee force of 200+ developers, the company is the measuring yardstick for IT nearshore outsourcing services and Blockchain development in Europe.

  1. QBurst

QBurst is a leader on the global IT consulting and product development arena with a proven track record in software development, mobile, web, and cloud solutions. For more than 10 years, the company has been actively engaged in delivering projects to an endless list of big brands like

National Geographic, Burberry, Allianz, and Omron.

The 7 office locations in different countries, an innovative team, and uncompromising quality are some of the key factors that has propelled the company to such great heights.

  1. Wipro

Wipro is a pioneer IT company and one of the few Indian companies listed on the NYSE. With a knack for robotics, cognitive computing, hyper-automation, cloud, analytics, and other emerging technologies, they have helped many struggling businesses streamline their processes.

Conceived in 2013, the company has a dedicated team of over 160,000 employees, an annual turnover of over $480m, and branches in six continents which makes it one of the largest IT firms in India.

  1. Hexaware Technologies

Hexaware Technologies is a Mumbai based IT service provider that was incorporated in 1990. The company takes pride in offering nearshore software development services for a number of industries looking to minimize redundancies and streamline their business processes.

Hexaware is renowned for powering the collaboration between man and machine to solve complex problems facing businesses by utilizing a combo of computing, powerful algorithms, and ubiquitous data.

  1. Mphasis

With several accolades like the Best AI Application Award and the Best Employee Engagement award, Mphasis is a major player in the Indian IT market.

The firm has a global network of over 30 offices spread across 19 countries. In 2010, the company became the sixth Indian company to ever hit the $1 billion revenue mark.

Key major services are app development and integration, architecture guidance, providing technology infrastructure, application management services and of course AI development (read more about AI data tagging).

  1. Capgemini

This billion dollar company has is a global leader in technology services, digital transformation, and IT consulting.

With a global reach of over 40 countries and 200,000 team members, Capgemini has the expertise and muscle enable organizations digitize amid digital disruptions by delivering deep insights and pragmatic tools to help solve their problems.

  1. Mindstick Softwares Ltd

Established in 2010, Mindstick is a household name in India when the term IT outsourcing is floated. Headquartered in Allahabad, the company are experts in design, nearshore app development, deployment, and integration of software solutions.

  1. LTI

LTI is the technology arm of Larsen & Toubro Limited which was founded in 1997. The company offers unrivaled expertise to solve complex business challenges cutting across almost every industry.

Courtesy of their Mosaic platform, 27 development centers, and a workforce of over 20,000 skilled workers, they can easily accelerate customer’s digital transformation– a key advantage in an era where software deployment is measured in weeks.

  1. Virtusa

Virtusa is another IT outsourcing company working with leading brands to help them create innovative solutions to help augment and streamline their business processes.

Leveraging on the best legacy application integration practices, their digital solutions deliver high agility in response to the dynamic environment enhancing the outcomes.

  1. Syntel

Founded in 1980 with an initial Investment of $2,000, Syntel has grown leaps and bound to become a trusted partner for many organizations. Headquartered in Troy Michigan, the company has continued to diligently aid both small and big brands looking for IT solutions to propel them to the next level.

Leveraging on the power of cloud computing, scaled agile development, and intelligent automation, businesses are able to access deep customer insights to improve their customer engagement and make better decisions.

  1. Epam

Epam is a major player in the digital solutions market that focuses on partnering with businesses across various industries to ease their Digital Transformation quest. With a strong innovation background backed by an unbroken record of digital solutions, the company range of services helps businesses validate their business performance threshold.

The company has been operational since 1993 and has grown from a meager workforce to a team of over 25,900+ EPAMers working in over 25 countries. In 2012, the company made history by becoming the first company with roots in Belarus to be listed on the NYSE.

Focus areas include Agile App development, enterprise applications, IoT, Clouds, and DevOps.

  1. NIIT Technologies

NIIT is a diversified leading tech company delivering a broad range of IT services and solutions. With 14 years of experience, NIIT is dedicated to three main verticals namely Insurance, Banking and financial services, Travel, and Transportation.

With a combined workforce of over 9500 experienced people, the company has branches in the Americas, Asia, Europe, and Australia. All these attributes combined with cutting-edge Data & Analytics strength, Cloud, and Automation, makes NIIT a trusted partner in AI industrialization and process automation.

  1. Luxoft

Luxoft is a renowned custom software development honcho with a global presence in over 20 countries. Incorporated in 2000, the company is headquartered in Zug and happens to be the chosen few tech companies listed on the NYSE.

Using their ingenious top software development nearshore process, the company is able to pinpoint the business requirements and translate them into innovative solutions in form of custom software development.

  1. Mindtree

Mindtree is a tech and outsourcing company that is headquartered in Bengaluru and New Jersey. It was established in 1999, with the sole purpose of solving typical problems that companies face in their digital integrations.

Over the years, the company has delivered technology services and digital transformation from scratch to actualization for more than 2000 global clients. With a strong combination of agile software development and collaborative approach, Mindtree has created customized solutions cutting across the whole digital value chain spectrum.

  1. Zensar

Zensar Technologies is an IT company headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra. Ithas a proven track record of providing businesses with groundbreaking IT solutions through Analytics, Cloud and Infrastructure, Digital Experience, Enterprise Applications, Service Line Transformation, and Testing

The company also boasts of well-defined methodology, strong technical competency, and a team of dedicated designers and developers to help clients churn out intuitive and user-friendly digital solutions.

  1. JSGuru

JSGuru offers comprehensive IT solutions to businesses entrepreneurs looking to seize the latest technologies for software and business development. The firm is well endowed with resources, vast experience, and unrivaled expertise to design and deliver efficient and timely solutions to the global market across several industries.

With a team of 20+ experienced developers, JSGuru not only delivers digital superior solutions but also give advisory opinion to guide businesses.

  1. BGO Software

With the ever-increasing complexity of IT projects, the company has the best version of IT experts who can handle both technical and physical tasks.

Founded over a decade ago, BGO Software has been at the forefront of delivering accurate and quality IT Services to a number of industries.

They have a wide range of services like, Software Development & Support, Healthcare Software Development, IT Training & Consultancy, Application Modernization, Website Development, and Hosting Solutions.

  1. Quixom Technologies

Quixcom was incorporated in 2013 and has since strived to design and build intuitive apps to serve real people. With the sworn allegiance to improve people’s lives using technology, the company has created and delivered Embedded Software Solutions, complex desktop & web applications globally.

The firm is headquartered in India but has an office in the US making it a one-stop-shop for all IT outsourcing needs.

  1. CentLing Technologies

CentLing Technologies is another IT powerhouse domiciled in China. The nearshore software development company has been operating since 2009 and delivered app development and integration services for various Fortune 500 customers.

CentLing delivers unmatchable IT software systems, end-to-end solutions, and other innovative products in the communication, enterprise, and mobile Internet verticals. They also have vested interests in intelligent home services and healthcare with some of their products already being used in China.

  1. JCommerce

With over 13 years of accumulated experience in providing software development services, Jcommerce has made head waves on the global IT arena. This Qlik Solution Provider and Microsoft Gold Certified Partner combine various technological skills in JAVA, PHP, .NET, among others to help businesses optimize their business processes.

The key areas of specialization include E-commerce, Mobile applications, Customized solutions, ERP systems, CRM systems, and Portal systems.

  1. Mobiversal

Mobiversal is a true definition of lead by example. On top of creating apps for multiple businesses, the company has gone ahead to create their app called Appointfix. Founded in 2011, the company has worked on over 60 app development and other software solutions for big brands like Forbes, PintHub, Premise, Staffcloud, Fishpointer, Space Swipe, among others.

  1. Technogi

Technogi is a reliable and a rapidly growing consulting and software development company run by a team of experienced developers. The company leverages on its eccentric philosophy and methodology to build information technology solutions.

  1. Cognizant

Cognizant is a global leading IT nearshore software engineering services company that helps businesses develop better products and experiences through innovations and speedy implementations.

The company emphasizes on building go-disruptive software solutions to generate new growth, inject differentiation and create real economic value for businesses.

  1. Accenture

Accenture is a globally established IT services company providing manifold of services and solutions to businesses. Headquartered in New York, it was founded in 1989 making it a pioneer in the technology services providers market.

The company has continued to dominate the IT services market thanks to the warm relationship with almost every Fortune Global 500. With expertise cutting across Application Services, Cloud, Technology Consulting, and Applied Intelligence, Accenture is without a doubt an icon in delivering transformational solutions.

  1. Tata Consulting Services

TCS combines business intelligence and tech expertise to aggrandize the business processes of their clients by providing world-class consulting and innovative IT solutions.

The firm has established multiple methodologies to deliver powerful strategies and solutions to any progressive business. And for that, the company has been recognized in many platforms like the 2017 European Software Testing Awards for Quality Engineering.

  1. HCL Technologies

HCL Technologies has for the last 40 years done a commendable job in helping businesses re-engineer their processes to match the contemporary technology era. Their products and services are pegged on the decades of experience and a relentless invention culture to deliver customer-oriented digital solutions.

Using the unique Mode 1-2-3 strategy, the company has fine-tuned digital, IoT, automation, cybersecurity, cloud, analytics, and development services to meet client’s demands.

  1. Infosys

Infosys was established in 1981 and is the first ever company with Indian roots to get listed on NASDAQ.

For the past 35 years, the company has helped businesses develop agile enterprise applications, digital transformation, consulting, all thanks to the global footprint with development centers in over 36 countries.

  1. DXC Technologies

DXC is relatively new on the technology scene although the company has continued to display a quest for excellence like no other. Founded in 2017, DXC has guided governments and enterprises in their digital transformation journeys to emerge as a favorite partner for many.

DXC’s key focus areas are Analytics, Application Services, Business Process Services, Cloud and Platform Services, Enterprise and Cloud Apps, Software Licensing and Management, etc.

  1. ITechART Group

ITechART is a full-blown technology solutions provider powering tech companies through intuitive and scalable products.

The group’s model of infusing technology with differentiated delivery has put them in good books with top accelerators like ERA, 500 Startups, Dreamit, Techstars, and Y Combinator. They have also supplied large enterprises such as etouches, Forex, and Blackboard.

ITechART’s forte lies in the agile dedicated team that rocks in Mobile App Development, Web Design and Development, QA & Testing, Big Data (here you can see more about data annotation), and DevOps.

  1. NMG Technologies

Since 2008, NMG has been helping companies streamline internal processes and enhance customer interactions through advanced software, intuitive websites and mobile apps leveraging the latest development technologies and trends.

The company is headquartered in Las Vegas but has 4 more office locations in London, Sydney, Auckland, and India.

They offer services like Enterprise Software Development, Corporate/Business Websites, Blockchain Development, FinTech, Augmented Reality, Cloud Apps, IoT, and AI.

  1. 10 Clouds

Conceived in 2009, 10Clouds is a web and mobile applications development company based in Poland. Consisting of a team of over 100+ experienced designers and nearshore developer, the company helps business create customized web and mobile applications solutions to enhance their digital growth.

  1. Sunflower Lab

Using proven development practices, innovative ideas, and latest technologies, Sunflower Lab has been at the forefront in helping business solve common business problems for close to a decade.

Working with a team of US-based polyglot developers, the company designs, builds, and deploys customized software solutions to multiple business domains around the world. On top of software development, the company also delivers Management Services and Cloud Systems Integration.

  1. Amaris

Founded in 2007, Amaris is a global Technologies company headquartered in Geneva with more than 30 global locations. The company focuses on delivering innovative digital solutions for struggling businesses. Their expertise lies in Business & Management Consulting, Information Systems and Technologies, Engineering and High Technology, and Telecommunications.