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Outsourcing is an inherent product of technology. It makes sense, therefore, that innovations would be occurring rapidly and often. But how do you keep up? After all, you’re busy, and if you’re considering outsourcing, at least some of these things are probably not your area of expertise. To help you stay up to date, we’ve compiled this list of interesting new technological innovations used by IT outsourcing services companies.

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Catherine Yaffe points out that there are now myriad functions which can be outsourced today. Technology has increased to the point that most vital business functions which are not one’s core competencies may be outsourced. Our list goes over some of the technologies that have made that possible. However, within this whirlwind of possibilities, it’s easy to get lost and confused about what you even need to outsource. Just keep your main goals in mind while you look at these and decide which ones are relevant to you.

The Best New Technologies for Outsourcing

All of these technologies are changing the face of outsourcing. Stay up to date with our helpful list.

  • More security: Outsourcing can be a security risk. Despite its numerous uses, there’s no doubt that its very nature makes it a weak point for many businesses. In the wake of threat actors coming up with more and more creative methods to increase destruction, it’s certainly true that we live in dangerous times. Therefore, we’re seeing an increase in security this year. Protections are being developed to decrease threat level. This trend will likely continue in years to come as adaptions to threats increase.
  • Cloud production: One of the most vital trends for portability is an increase in internet-based production workloads. At present, many vital outsourcing functions are done on non-internet-based platforms, and then have to be transferred to the cloud. However, more applications are being developed that allow you to work in browser. That increases efficiency significantly. It is worth noting that this may lead to an increased security risk. Point 1 may become yet more relevant as cloud production becomes more common.
  • VMOs: Multisourcing is becoming the way to go. Many outsourcing companies in India or elsewhere choose to outsource to a number of different offices – understandably, as this allows them to tap into core competencies of multiple agencies. However, with this proliferation of many vendors, VMOs are becoming increasingly necessary. VMOs are offices dedicated to the management of vendors, and more and more companies have them on staff. This has led to leaps forward in technology for keeping track of and managing providers.
  • Bimodal IT: IT outsourcing is now also multisourced! Instead of using one IT team for everything, it is now common to delegate to two different ones. One takes care of changing the company’s image, involving such things as web design and development. One handles the day-to-day tasks of running the business and keeps a handle on existing functions. Clearly delineating the two conveys advantages of efficiency and flexibility.
  • Increased automation: This is the year of the robot. As we go forward, more and more work will be outsourced to machines. Most of the world has already been explored for outsourcing potential, and companies looking to push boundaries have moved towards automation as the next big thing. IT delivery contains, and will continue to contain, an increasing amount of robotic process automation. This is certain to change the future of outsourcing, and wise companies will take note as they move forward with their business plans.

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You’re now more up to date than you were when you started reading this article. Use that information to find the best outsourcing providers. Don’t settle for one who isn’t familiar with new innovations, but remember, technology isn’t everything. The human element counts too. Find someone who knows how to communicate with you and whose personality matches yours. With those words of wisdom, we leave you to find your own.

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