Ukraine Software Outsourcing Rates in 2017

ukraine software outsourcing rates 2017

If you’re interested in outsource web development Ukraine, then you might want to know about the prevailing Ukraine software outsourcing cost and reasons to hire experts in the country. As you may already know, offshore IT development is in demand for many global businesses. The reason is that they can save much money, equipment, and recruitment in their own countries where there are also high prices on labor cost.

These companies utilize highly skilled remote workers, cloud technology, and teleconferencing. They outsource web development, BPO services, research and development, and many other processes, which are expensive in their shores. Check out the following for an idea of the cost in hiring IT experts in Ukraine.

Who Hire Ukraine Outsourcing Experts

Every year, more and more multinational companies are outsourcing their software development projects to the professionals in the country where they can find the best operational and financial advantages regardless of their industries. These companies are hiring Ukraine IT experts mainly due to the rich IT ecosystem and infrastructure in the world that includes some of the most significant names. The first largest importer of IT services is the United States, along with Israel and Europe. Some of these companies are the following:

Average Prices for IT Services

average prices for it services

Without even saying, a company looking to outsource skilled workers in the country should pay between $24.50 and $35.30 lower than in Russia where cost could be between $26.10 and $37.60.

IT Services Rates: Market Research

it services rates

The most popular cost in these countries is $20 per hour or as high as $100.

The Latest about Outsourcing in Ukraine

Ukraine software outsourcing is booming and there is no doubt about it. Its workforce is highly skilled and they are well suited for software development. There are also more research and development centers being established in the country. With that said, many of the huge companies are choosing the country for their long-term contracts.

Today, the value of Ukraine’s software industry is at $2.3 billion (2014) and its current workforce is totaling to more than 90,000 skilled IT professionals versus any other nations in the region. These professionals are working closely for and with many corporations in the world, regardless of their industries. And according to the latest studies, the number of these professionals will reach and double by 200,000 (2020). With such a positive outlook, more and more companies are opting for Ukraine IT experts in many of their projects, not mentioning that these remote workers can also provide them with high-quality outputs versus India and other countries.

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Another factor that drives the growth of the IT and software industry in the country is its large population of educated people. It is one in the world when it comes to the number of educated talents and employees. There is no doubt because there are more than 300 universities and colleges in the country and they report 100% literacy rate, leading to the increase in the number of skilled, talented and intelligent workers that no other countries can match. Some prominent fields include research and development, Ukraine web development and other science fields. Based on a recent study, more than 1000 IT companies are operating in the country (UADN, 2015) and over 100 global R&D centers.

ukraine software industry avaluation

How Companies Are Saving on IT Outsourcing Cost in Ukraine

  • Cost of living and wages remain low despite the booming IT sector in the country: Based on a DOU’s conducted salary calculator, a middle engineer’s salary in the country is only between $2,200 and $2,500/month, while an engineering director earns only between $6,000 and 6,300/month so it could increase up to $250,000 annually.
  • Government reforms and support: IT is the 3rd largest export sector in the country, and this can be directly linked to the support that it is getting from the government. It passes laws that can facilitate the business for foreign corporations and IT professionals as well as to protect both of these parties for continued business.
  • Rise in technology: Due to teleconferencing technology and other technologies for remote worker and remote working environment, the industry is growing.

Other factors

  • Lower taxes
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Logistics and safety
  • Local subsidiary

High quality of work, large labor pool on skilled IT experts, low wages and cost of living and a supportive government, among other factors, are what drive the growth of the IT sector in the country. So if you’re looking to outsource your software development project, you may want to go for the country where to find great IT professionals for a stellar project result.

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