Ukraine IT Outsourcing Trends 2017

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Ukraine IT outsourcing is on the rise. Many companies are turning to its highly skilled IT experts. The country has moved up 17 positions in the Global Services Location Index 2016 due to several factors, including compensation cost score gains, along with competitiveness in its regulatory and tax cost. Its government has also made reforms, which increased IT outsourcing Ukraine competitiveness in the IT world.

The Global Services Location Index research firm has evaluated 55 countries for people skills, financial attractiveness, business environment and people availability. It also assessed the countries using 38 metrics, helping it identify nations that have the strongest capabilities and fundamentals to deliver quality shared services, BPO services and IT services. Here you can find more interesting info.

Ukraine IT Outsourcing Is One of the Strongest in the World

Based on the same research, the country moved up positions as an IT outsourcing hub, currently ranking 24th and being one of the top 25 countries in delivering global services.

Why the world is hiring Ukraine outsourcing companies:

  • Demand: Forecast for the external market for the Ukraine ITO industry to be around $1B and then internal demand to be around $200M. The internal market is important in building the software and IT services expert, but studies reveal that it is probably not already the case because the ITO industry in Ukraine is 15+ years old.
  • Availability of skilled resources and human expertise: There are 7000 graduates graduating in an IT related industry in the country due to the popularity of IT and new IT schools being established.
  • English proficiency: Many companies are offering free language courses for their staff. Based on case studies, the English language proficiency in the country is high in the working sector.
  • Hardware and software skills: While Ukraine is not a top hardware producer, many of the HR pool is software production and soft services oriented.

Top Technologies for Ukraine Developers

  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Front-end
  • Magento
  • C++
  • PHP
  • QA Testing
  • Android
  • NET/C#
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Oracle
  • Python

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  • Over 4000 software firms
  • 2.5+ billion USD is the annual revenue
  • 90.000 IT Professionals
  • Revenue growth 35%
  • 75% of the firms are focused in providing outsourcing services (according to )

Top Outsourcing Positions for UK Developers

  • Mobile Developers
  • Web Developers
  • Desktop Developers
  • Web Server Developers
  • Complex Multiplatform Solution Specialists
  • Cloud Computing Specialists
  • UX Consulting Specialists

Ukraine Outsourcing Companies Trends In 2017

Information security: It is another factor that makes the country a top outsourcing destination for Ukraine developers. Information security is a major concern for many companies. Thus, outsourcing companies that stand out on this get more clients.

Process automation: These processes can take less time and they are more cost-effective and productive. It also helps in balancing automated and manual work.

Deeper integration: Software development firms become more involved on what is happening on offshore, striving hard to oversee each stage of the project and working closely with their clients.

Shifting to cloud: Another IT trend affecting the world is the cloud migration of many software firms, which are adopting cloud technology. This system opens more opportunities and provides a higher level of service especially in terms of operating huge data amounts.

Talent pool accessibility: It is one of the driving forces of growth in the IT sector in the countries. In the end, multinational companies find it more cost-effective – especially when they need qualified specialists that will perform complicated tasks and that possess high skills needed for effective outputs. The country’s qualified professionals make it a top outsourcing provider in the world.

Social responsibility: This trend involves giving the best money value without causing human resource attrition. It also means being more concern of the social environment and natural resources.

Client-oriented: Ukraine outsourcing companies are becoming more responsive and client-oriented to keep demands from their clients who are looking for customized and high-quality services.

There you have the latest trends in the Ukraine IT outsourcing market. Definitely, growth factors that include highly skilled IT professionals, better laws and high quality IT outputs make the country one of the best IT hubs in the world, and there is no doubt on that.

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