Top Rated Ukraine IT Companies

ukraine it companies

There are many top rated Ukraine IT companies and they can help accomplish your IT projects. Every single on software outsourcing company Ukraine is judged based on delivery excellence, size, growth, social responsibility and programs for innovation.

List of Top Rated Outsourcing IT Companies

According to sources, the top service providers in Ukraine were evaluated by panels in the world and were judged on different categories. Here is a list that may help you select the right one for you today.

  • SoftServe: It has over 3,000 employees situated in Lviv and Western Ukraine.
  • Eleks: The Company has over 800 employees in their headquarters in Lviv as well as in Western Ukraine.
  • Miratech: The Company has also over 800 employees situated in their headquarters in Kyiv.
  • Sigma Software: It has over 700 employees in their headquarters in Kharviv and it is affiliated to the consulting group Sigma of Swedish.

Here are international companies with R&D centers that are situated in Ukraine:

  • Luxoft: It has over 3,000 employees situated in Ukraine.
  • Ciklum: This is a big company with over 2,000 employees in Ukraine.

Average Salary for Technology in Ukraine vs. Europe vs. USA

When it comes to the average salary of outsourcing IT companies in Ukraine, it is about UAH 240,000. In Europe, it is about $25,000 and average salary of IT programmers or developers in the US is $45,000.

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Top 5 Cities for Technology in Ukraine

  • Chernihiv
  • Lutsk
  • Kyiv
  • Odessa
  • Lviv

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Benefits of Hiring UA Developer

  • Cost effectiveness and flexibility: The biggest advantage of hiring UA developers is that their team is always flexible to work. They are paid based on the number of hours or days that they work on your project.
  • Expertise and skills: Dedicated UA developers work on different projects and for clients with unique requirements and issues. The diversity allows them to improve their skills and offer better results.
  • Beyond development: The UA developers make sure to improve your web presence and marketing strategy.
  • Turnaround time: One of the reasons many people choose UA developers is that they are offering the highest quality project that can be done in a short period of time and that is because of their abundant resources.

Without even saying, Ukraine IT companies are your one-stop solution regarding accomplishing an important IT project, be it software development, CMS or SEO solutions. Finally, weigh your options well to look for the right one for your needs.

Choose from Ukraine IT companies today!