Top Companies That Outsource IT

There is such a stigma against top outsourcing companies these days. It’s considered taking away jobs or ruining the economy. However, for many businesses, outsourcing is the only way to stay competitive. Successful business outsource, and successful business in the United States help keep the economy strong. Here’s a list of companies that outsource IT to show you how successful the strategy can be.

List of IT Companies in the USA That Outsource

Here are a list of companies that outsource top IT development services. You’ll probably recognize them, because they’re all household names.

Apple is an American multinational with a huge player in the computer business. It develops mobile device, computers, and software. Apple outsources most of its manufacturing to keep its focus on what it’s good at.

The Coca-Cola Company started out with a single beverage, but now produces a wide variety of soft drinks and concentrated syrups. They’ve taken advantage of outsourcing to keep their business streamlined.

The omnipresent Google provides everything from cell phones to software and cloud computing of many types. With its huge number of processes and services to provide every day, Google often outsources maintenance and development to smaller companies.

Harley-Davidson is a legendary name among motorcycle manufacturers, and also produces clothing. It recently chose to outsource its data center, in order to continue providing its famous motorcycles at the quality it’s committed to.

Nike is one of the largest suppliers of shoes and athletic apparel in the world. They design hundreds of items every year. To maintain their high standards, they use numerous contractors around the world. These contractors, the best at what they do, let Nike focus on their product.

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How to Outsource IT

Now that you know how many successful companies that outsource IT, all that’s left to do is follow suit. But how? Here’s a list of steps to get you on your way.

  • Plan ahead

It’s important that you know what you want. Otherwise, how can you be sure that you’ll get it? Give yourself an idea of the scope and scale of your project, and figure out your budget.

  • Find the right person

Search engines, marketplace websites, and word of mouth are all great ways to find a good IT vendor. Make sure you’re finding someone in your specific niche.

  • Ask for a test

If you’re working with the kind of project that can be taken to pieces, give the companies you’re looking at a piece and ask them to complete it. This test can help you ensure you get someone who can do what you need.

  • Do your research

Wherever your new employees are from, do a little research into the country the company is based in. Intercultural communications are a vital part of outsourcing jobs. Check into any major holidays, what the existing business culture is like, and other matters that could affect your business.

  • Create a good contract

You as an employer need flexibility and a solid understanding of what you’re getting. Your contractor needs to understand your requirements. A firm contract with room for future changes accommodates both these needs.

The Experts on Outsourcing IT

Merrill Matthews observes that one major reason companies outsource is because that is where sales are. In today’s world, many businesses find themselves going international quicker than ever before. Your business might be already there. If it’s not, though, consider whether or not you’re prepared to make the switch, and if not, when you might be. The international market is a huge potential source of revenue, and while you may not be ready to tap into it yet, it always helps to have a plan.

IT Companies In USA Which Outsource

There are, as you can see, plenty of extremely successful American companies that outsource IT. Outsourcing can help keep costs down and yet still allow you to offer great products and services. The companies you’ve seen have gotten outsourcing down to a fine art and used it to increase their success. And now you know that you can, too!

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