IT Outsourcing Ukraine vs India

ukraine vs india it outsourcing

As you know, the topic of Ukraine vs. India in the outsourcing world is one that touches a soft spot in the hearts of many. On one hand, you have a Megaladon and on the other, you have a T-rex. Two giant beasts that are dominant, and clash with one another to have the largest share of a booming market. Initially, India was the more favorable outsourcing destination due to its long history and pioneer mentality in the field. However, Eastern Europe has also emerged as a force to reckon with, Ukraine in particular. Today, we will analyze the differences between these mega-giants and why in our books, we find IT outsourcing Ukraine is the most secure services haven in the planet. Our differences will range from cultural, economic, all the way down to the issue of time zones.

Differences between IT Outsourcing in Ukraine and IT Outsourcing in India


The Indian culture is one that is rich and highly diversified, with a majority of the population rooted to traditional ways and modes of living. One practice of particular interest is that the Indian culture deems it rude for an employee to argue with their superior, even though the superior may be wrong on numerous occasions. Now, applying this to outsourcing, say the outsourcing company comes with a particular project to be undertaken by the outsourced company. Now, the outsourced company might find better ways to get the job done. However, for fear of questioning the intellectual of their superiors, most of the companies would prefer to sideline their ideas and follow exactly what their clients require. However, the Ukrainian culture is more or less similar to that of western culture.

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If the outsourced company sees a better way to resolve a certain issue or complete a given project, then they would rather take that direction and inform their superiors of the method they have taken. Furthermore, Indian based companies most of the time suffer from the ‘we will do everything to please you’ effect. Say a project is due in a week, and the company sees that they will not be able to complete in the given timeframe. Instead of requesting an extension, they would rather assure the client that the work will be delivered on time and proceed to slave away and rushing a project. However, Ukrainian outsourcing companies will openly request a larger time frame if unable to complete a project in a given time, in their bid to deliver high-quality work.


When it comes to cost, Ukrainian based companies are in fact cheaper to outsource than Indian based companies. For comparison, let us have a look at the hourly rates of both parties. A highly skilled developer based in India costs about $28-$38 per hour while in Ukraine, a developer of the same stratum costs about $24-$35 per hour. Although it is possible to find developers at cheaper rates than these in India, you might be doing so at the expense of high-quality work.


Ukraine is strategically positioned at the center of Europe, having a time zone of +2UTC. Hence, when it comes to interacting with European-based companies, the time differenced is virtually imperceptible. While India has a varying time zone to that of European companies as compared to that of Ukraine. In fact, India has a larger time difference with the United States as compared to Ukraine. Making Ukraine a more suitable outsourcing destination.

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Top 3 Reasons to Outsource to Ukraine

  • Has the smartest IT market in Eastern Europe

Ukraine’s I.T. industry is considered to be one of the most advanced in the world and is at par with a majority of those in Western countries.

  • Has a pool of the most certified professionals

In fact, Ukraine is ranked first in terms of certified professionals in the whole of Europe. And it is ranked 2nd in terms of the ‘Most Master-Level Certified Nation’, only 2nd after the United States.

  • Has one of the largest number of outsourcing providers

Ukraine has over 100+ research and development centers all across the country, equipped with globally recognized tech companies such as Cisco, Samsung and Oracle just to mention a few. In addition to that, there are plenty of mobile and developer contractors for hire in Ukraine.

So as you can see, outsourcing Ukraine has more advantages than outsource to India. We encourage you to take the Ukrainian door!