It Outsourcing Lviv: Top Specialities

it outsourcing lviv

One of the companies in Lviv, Eleks, has more than 800 employees. That’s just an example because there are many outsourcing services in the city that provides topnotch IT outsourcing Lviv solutions and software development services to their clients coming from the US and European countries. According to the 11th Edition of IAOP‘s Global Outsourcing 100, there are four IT firms and six global IT firms that are listed in the annual list. There are many reasons to outsource your next software project to IT companies Ukraine and some of them are highlighted below.

IT Outsourcing Lviv: Top Specialties

  • Mobile Development
  • Web Server Development
  • Complex Multiplatform Solution
  • UX Consulting
  • Cloud Computing
  • Desktop Development
  • Web Development

Best Cities for Outsourcing

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  • Dnipro
  • Sevastopol
  • Vinnytsia
  • Lviv
  • Kyiv

If Lviv isn’t really working for you learn more about IT outsourcing Kiev companies!

Outsourcing Software Development Ukraine: Average Salary vs. US vs. Europe

  • The average salary for developers in Ukraine is between 200 USD and 3500 USD, based on location, skill level and project.
  • In the US, developers can earn an average salary is $68,963 annually.
  • In the UK, they can earn an average salary is £30,827 annually.

Benefits of Hiring UA Developer

What are the benefits of outsourcing software development Ukraine? There are many advantages of outsourcing your IT projects in the country. For one, there are many skilled and talented developers that are knowledgeable of different coding languages, including Java, JavaScript and so on. They are also educated, having had graduated from top universities and colleges. These professionals also have lower salaries compared to other Western countries.

If you’re looking to have your project done on time and with exact precision, you should not think twice but hire the developers in this highly advanced country for IT outsourcing projects. There are many companies to choose from and consider and many of them are included in the best firms in IT and software development in the world.

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