Cost of Ukraine Outsourcing: Infrastructure Support and Software Development

When you know where to go, the cost of IT outsourcing Ukraine doesn’t have to be prohibitive at all. Armed with the right knowledge of this fast growing aspect of the IT industry, you’ll find a top class software developer at prices you can easily afford. If it’s infrastructure development that you need help with, you’ll see that there are a plethora of great companies ready and willing to take on your project.

In Ukraine Outsourcing Is King

In many parts of Eastern Europe, businesses frequently outsource their most important tasks to companies that really know what they’re doing. In Ukraine outsourcing is considered a viable way to get things done within reasonable timeframes and at low cost. There’s no need to take on the full cost of development operations by hiring your own team directly. Ukrainian developers typically have a modern, Western-oriented mindset. They know what you expect from them and are aware of how you would prefer to do business, and they’re more than happy to help you reach your goals in the most cost-effective manner available.

Their skill level is absolutely second to none. Ukrainian programmers have extensive educations, and this combined with their analytical approach means that they’ll certainly see your project from a truly unique perspective. They’ll come up with solutions that you won’t find elsewhere for a similar price.

Aside from their mathematical and analytical abilities, Ukrainian developers believe that attention to detail is key. This is what makes them stand head and shoulders above other developers in various popular outsourcing locations. Ukraine is located in Eastern Europe and uses the GMT+2 time zone. This is perfect for all European customers as well as North American clients as you’ll be able to keep track of what your chosen team is up to at any moment during the day.

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A Breakdown of the Cost of Building Infrastructure

You already know that software-based infrastructure systems are of vital importance to your business. What you perhaps don’t know is how and why it’s cheaper to outsource the development of infrastructure systems in Ukraine.

The primary reason is because in Ukraine software developer salary, as well as wages in general for all jobs, are much lower than in the West. This is despite the fact that Ukrainian developers are among the best in the world. When it comes to software development infrastructure work is the most important of all, so you’ll really need to hire the best in the business to fulfill your development operations objectives.

The costs associated with infrastructure can be broken down into a number of subsets. If you find that you need one but not another kind of service, you can negotiate the hiring costs a lot more easily. After all, you don’t want to have to pay for an aspect of infrastructure support which you’re already handling yourself.

The typical areas of infrastructure support are as follows:

  • Installation, support, and maintenance
  • Security and performance
  • System administration
  • Design and full integration into existing systems
  • Automation of administrative functions
  • Training your employees

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Outsourcing Rates

Fortunately, Ukraine software developer salary is rather low compared to that of a programmer working in the United States. As such, when you go to outsource Ukraine software development infrastructure building becomes a real cinch. For any given programming language there are two considerations that you should take into account when hiring. Let’s consider a programmer working in the Java programming language and see how much it would cost to hire such a professional in Ukraine.

The first part to think about is the exact location of your team within the country. Choosing the place outside the capital of Kyiv will save you a couple of hundred dollars a month per programmer. This is mostly due to the lower cost of living. For example, you can hire a mid-level Java developer in Kharkiv for $1750 per month whereas you’d have to pay as much as $2000 if you hired in the capital city of Kyiv.

Ukrainian developers typically distinguish themselves by how many years of experience they’ve got under their belts. While this isn’t always a good indicator of skill level, it generally serves as a reasonable marker of quality and it certainly functions as a means for determining the appropriate rates to pay.

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Consider This Timely Advice

It’s worth being aware that the Ukrainian IT sector is growing rapidly and conditions are changing almost on a daily basis. The one thing you can be sure of is that the increased level of competition means that programmers are willing to go above and beyond the call of duty to gain your attention. Despite the fact that it’s cheaper than doing your outsourcing anywhere else in Europe, you’ll still pay a little more than you might have expected. Browse carefully and you’ll definitely get a great deal, though.

Ukrainian IT professionals are well-known to be rather direct in their approach to communication. They won’t waste your time by pandering to your ill-thought out ideas. Instead, they’ll tell you exactly what you need to do to succeed.

While the cost of outsourcing in Ukraine is definitely increasing, it’s still much cheaper than Western Europe and certainly far less expensive than in the United States. The combination of their knowledge of infrastructure building and their reasonable prices makes Ukrainian developers a great choice. Consider the pros and cons of doing so as well as the rates you ought to be paying and get yourself a deal.

The cost of outsourcing is more than worth it when you employ Ukrainian developers. Make an informed choice and reach new heights.