Common Myths about Ukraine IT Outsourcing Companies

ukraine it outsourcing companies myths

At one point or another, you must have heard a comment about IT outsourcing. Perhaps it was a fact, perhaps it was a myth. You could never really tell at the time. Maybe it’s because you didn’t have as much interest then as you do now. Maybe at the given time, your business didn’t require that extra oomph it badly needs now. Well, if you’re looking for software outsourcing company Ukraine, here are a few myths we feel we need to debunk now so that you can make a clear and concrete decision during the selection process.

5 Myths About IT Outsourcing Companies in Ukraine

Myth 1: Ukraine IT outsourcing companies target corporates only

As you’ve probably seen or heard, most of the companies that outsource are usually large corporations with a solid financial and market background. So we presumably think, IT outsourcing is only for the corporate big wigs. In a real sense, outsourcing targets all types of business, whether large or small. All of which can benefit immensely.

In fact, small to medium scale businesses get IT services and support at far lower prices as compared to in-house hiring. For example, the company can hire a skilled IT member from Ukraine to handle all IT related matters, at quite an affordable rate mind you.

Myth 2: Startups should not look to outsourcing

There is the belief that only mature businesses that have made their presence felt in the market have the right mentality and capital to outsource. This is not true. In fact, start-up companies are encouraged to outsource more than ever. Imagine this case scenario. You are a start-up looking to meet the stakeholders’ expectations and projections within a few months. Before you even begin on a given project, you have to go through the grueling process of interviewing staff, orienting and training them. Let’s not stop there.

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The staff themselves demand incredibly high salaries; of which if you accept, your startup is heading inevitably for bankruptcy. Now have a look at Eastern Europe. Here is Ukraine, a country with a large number of professionals who offer their services to western countries at an affordable rate. Not only do they employ the same level of professionalism, but they also get the projects completed in the required time. You’ve saved thousands in spending, and plus you have met your stakeholder’s expectations. What path would you rather choose?

Myth 3: Technical infrastructure in outsourced countries is very poor

With the world becoming a smaller global village as each day passes, the latest technology in one country can easily be transported to another country in a matter of hours. So, why would a company that specializes in offering IT outsourcing services based in Ukraine work with poor tech? It just doesn’t make sense. In fact, professional outsourcing companies have excellent if not superior tech infrastructure compared to some of the companies they work for. That is why they always have a high approval rate across all borders.

Myth 4: Outsourcing a project means that it is no longer under your control

A common myth is that when you outsource a job, you lose all your say in the decision-making and implementation process. However, this is completely false. In fact, the confusion is aligned with two words. What is the difference between responsibility and control? In the case of outsourcing, the company that has outsourced the project has control and a final decision on how the IT project is concluded. However, as for responsibility goes, the company being outsourced is given the mandate of developing and completing the IT project. They then report to their client and submit the finalized work of which the client approves or takes it back to the drawing room.

Myth 5: Outsourcing poses a great security risk for your company

Many of us believe that it is better for an organization’s data to be kept in their own hands. Especially data concerning important information such as a clientele’s payment details. They fear that if they hand it over to the outsourcing Ukraine company, it might be compromised. However, these outsourcing companies spend a lot of capital in ensuring they provide a secure environment to protect their clients. In fact, they develop systems that prevent unauthorized access; not to mention deter or repel any suspicious activities or tampering.

Therefore, one should not have any fear of looking towards Ukraine for IT support and services. In fact, the country has a list of the best IT outsourcing companies in the world today. And the best part is, they are so efficient at such an affordable price, you’ll definitely have your money’s worth.

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